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May 2008 Archive

  • Where will TNF be?

    Where in the world—or, at least, in the Philippines—is this?   Word is, this scenic course may just be the venue for The North Face 100, the upcoming trail run that many of us are looking forward to.  According to Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners, the race organizers should finalize details within this week [...]

  • Fuego-Mizuno Run

    Oddly, I am still in recovery mode after the Takbo Para sa Puso last Sunday. I think it’s pathetic that it’s taking my legs almost half a week to recuperate from a short 5k, but I am patiently waiting—while scratching my head, biting my nails (and soon toenails too if it takes longer), and eating [...]

  • Doc Oknoy’s Birthday

    Before Doc Fit’s Takbo Para sa Puso, there was another celebration for a fit doc. Last Thursday, Happy Feet met up out our favorite carbo-loading spot for Doc Oknoy’s birthday party. – Birthday Boy (in black) at the center – Doc Oknoy may have turned 40-something but he has the energy and wit of a [...]

  • Doc Fit – Takbo Para sa Puso

    Allow me to start at the end of the race because that’s where all the excitement was—at least for me. Here’s the loot I took home from my 5k run at Takbo Para sa Puso in U.P. Diliman this morning… Do you see the medal right smack at the center of the photo? Yes, that’s [...]

  • I’m Alive!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m alive and kicking.  A bit down and depleted from the tumultuous week I had—a rollercoaster of sorts due to the evil injury that came and went every hour of every single day.  I didn’t know if I was injured, recovering, fully recovered, or just going insane.  All I [...]