Mizuno Run Club

Friday, 10 August 2007  |  Running + Triathlon

Rumors were rife about an upcoming Mizuno Race and, like a good reporter ready to investigate a new story, I asked my sources to verify the information.

GOOD NEWS: Mizuno will have a 5k/10k/15k race tentatively set for December at SM Mall of Asia.

BETTER NEWS: Mizuno has a running clinic every other Thursday, 7 P.M. at Bonifacio High Street.

You know me, I don’t say no to running events…unless it’s too far, too early, or too idiotic. So, I found myself at Mizuno last night ready to see what this running clinic was about.

Mizuno Run Club

The Mizuno Run Club is headed by triathlete coach Miguel “Ige” Lopez. It is open to runners of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Last night was its 3rd clinic and a good number of runners showed up. Perhaps half of them were serious (even elite) runners (you know just by looking at their lean physiques and short shorts) and the other half were beginners to intermediate runners. The former was led by Miguel while the latter was guided by Paolo, Mizuno brand manager. They ran a short 3k around the area, which should steadily increase as the runners improve over time.

Mizuno Runners

– Look at them runners! 3k is a yawn for them –

While the runners (including Ben and Tricia of Happy Feet) reveled in their short run, I sat in the booth with Renz and KC, Mizuno marketing associate, sulking. Why did I leave my running attire behind? Had I not known that, despite a good 10k run earlier that afternoon, I would not be strong enough to resist the temptation of seeing other runners leaving me behind?

Fortunately, there were a lot of things to distract me from my petty problem. I met a simple and unassuming guy, Jujet De Asis, who turned out to be the 3rd fastest runner of 5k and 10k in the country. His PR is 16.43 minutes for 5k and 28.41 minutes for 10k. Gosh, his 10k PR is better than my 5k PR! Renz and I bombarded him with questions: How often does he train (6x a week), Where (at the Ultra oval), and Is Buenavista his friend or enemy (competitor during a race but friend at all other times).

Jujet De Asis

– Me and Jujet De Asis (Do you think speed is contagious? I certainly hope so!) –

Soon after, the runners had returned and we started an informal Q&A with Miguel Lopez. He was open to all our questions—from proper form to good nutrition—and generously provided all the information we so eagerly and quickly absorbed.

Mizuno Stretch

– Runners stretch. Ben (left) and Tricia (the only one with her arms down haha) of Happy Feet –

Miguel Lopez Q&A

– Miguel Lopez shows us the proper running form –

The Mizuno Running Club’s next session is on August 16, 2007, Thursday, 7 p.m. after which sessions will be held every other Thursday. During the next clinic, they will allow runners to test their running shoes during the run. After 5 consecutive attendance in the clinic, runners get a free Mizuno shirt. After 10 consecutive attendance, one gets a discount on Mizuno products. Registration is free.

Choosing Your Running Attire

Wednesday, 8 August 2007  |  Gear + Gadgets

One thing great about running is that it doesn’t take much for you to do it. You can jump into whatever outfit you choose—jogging pants, biking shorts, tank top, or sando—and end up getting a great workout like any other runner donning the most fashionable or high-tech get up. Still, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally get your hands on some new apparel to look your coolest while you’re sweating it out.

Here are TBR’s 5 tips for buying new apparel:

  1. Go for moisture-management fabric. Choose light-weight, breathable material that can wick sweat away from your body. Please stay away from cotton or other heavy material unless you want to return from a run looking like a human condom that’s as heavy as an elephant.
  2. Check for chafing. Before you purchase a shirt, shorts, or sports bra, look at every single seam or knot. These tiny little nuisances can ruin your run as they rub against your skin a hundred times over. Ouch!
  3. Consider the weather. In Manila, we are fortunate (or maybe not) to only have either of the two: rain or shine. So, a runner’s wardrobe would consist of ultra-light clothing (I opt for sleeveless tops and shorts) and maybe shades and a cap for summertime and jacket and cap for rainy days.
  4. Know your needs. Do you carry your keys, powergel, or lucky charm around with you? Then you’ll need shorts with a pocket. Do you run at night? It’s best to choose clothing with reflectors. If you go mountain climbing or cycling, you may want apparel that can be used for those sports too.
  5. Invest in socks. When purchasing socks, go for quality. You can also bring your running shoes along so you can go for a brief test run in the store. Don’t scrimp on socks unless you find joy in popping blisters or murdering your toenails.

Speaking of apparel, I was fortunate enough to receive manna from heaven—or more like Hong Kong—a couple of weeks ago. The Adidas regional head office sent me two new Adidas ForMotion(TM) samples! Both are white Supernova tees: one with classic Adidas lines in red on the sides (92% polyamid, 8% elastane) and the other with orange lines running down the sides (100% polyester).

I was saving the shirts for a special occasion and I thought the Run To Bring Hope was the perfect event to sport the one with red lines for three reasons: 1) I love it’s smooth fabric (I prefer it over the slightly see-through polyester. I’m very conservative, you know?) 2) It looks more like a shirt with oomph! 3) The red lines bring out the blush in my cheeks after I beat my PR. Yeah!

Adidas Tees

– “You’ll never want to run in anything else. This ventilated ClimaCool(R) running tee uses ForMotion(TM) technology for improved comfort when you run.” From Adidas.com –

What can I say? This running tee was a delight to wear. It was superbly comfortable and light. The fabric was as smooth as silk yet it was breathable. It moved along with me through the entire race despite the sticky sweat. I don’t usually use shirts with sleeves in a race because I find them bothersome, but these tees have completely changed my views about it.

To Adidas: thumbs up to your ForMotion(TM) tees! Thank you for the gifts. By the way, one small request: could you please put pads in your sportsbras? Pretty please?

Virtual Run No. 3

Wednesday, 8 August 2007  |  Running + Triathlon

Come out and join us for our next virtual training run. Runners from across the globe connect and train virtually with each other through the power of 21st century technology. We have had participants from the Philippines and Malaysia going stride for stride with their virtual buddies from San Diego, Orange County, and Seattle.

DATE: 9 August 2007, Thursday (Manila Time)
TIME: 4:30 A.M. (Manila Time)
DISTANCE: 10 km/ 6 miles (or whatever you wish)
RUNNERS/ COURSE: (I’ll update this as more people join up)

  1. E-Rod – Newport Beach, USA
  2. HitMe – Quezon City, Philippines
  3. Banggi – Manila, Philippines
  4. Ben – Manila to Makati, Philippines
  5. Renz – Metro Manila, Philippines
  6. Marga – Paranaque, Philippines
  7. Steph – San Diego, USA
  8. Gretchen – Seattle, USA
  9. TRF – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  10. Jaymie – Alabang, Philippines

To Manila runners, let’s join hands in prayer for the storm to stop and the sun to shine brightly tomorrow morning. Otherwise, it will be a treadmill run for most of us. For me, that just points to a slow pace and sore knees. Ack!

Sign in if you want to join…

Run To Bring Hope

Sunday, 5 August 2007  |  Race Reports

Having run the farthest and fastest in two separate training runs this week, I felt confident about Run To Bring Hope. I was pretty sure I could break my PR, but I didn’t want to be presumptious about it. Who knew what could traspire during a race: I could faint, stumble on a rock, or worse, faint and hit my head on a rock! (Mind you, after what I’ve been through this is a highly plausible scenario.) So, I stayed hopeful (I guess all runners should’ve been due to the run’s title) but my feet were firmly on the ground (Guys, that’s a metaphor. I do lift my feet when I run.)

I arrived at the assembly area in Rajah Sulayman Park to see runners warming up for the race. This was relatively a small race so the mood was pretty relaxed and calm. As always, most participants were men, but surprisingly there were a large number of women too. I saw groups of girls with lean and thin physiques who, I was guessing, could probably outrun the men due to their sheer weightlessness!

Since I arrived way too early again, I had enough time to warm up, run to the restroom, tie my shoelace, run to the restroom again, retie my shoelace in the restroom, and chat with fellow Happy Feet Runners. Phew, next time I promise to get their right before the race starts so you won’t have to read through that irksome list again!

Run To Bring Hope - Happy Feet

– Happy Feet! The more, the merrier –

Run To Bring Hope - Happy Feet2

– Mabuhay ang Pilipinas—at ang Happy Feet! –

“Five minutes to the start of the race.” I was chatting away with Happy Feet when I heard that. “2 minutes”…We were still chatting. “1 minute.” I squeezed my way into the first few rows behind the starting line. “10 seconds.” I set up my Nike+. “Go!” I clicked on my ipod and off I went.

The course was plain and simple. We ran through the flat, paved roads of Roxas Boulevard. No hills nor flyovers this time. I ran the first half at a pace a bit faster than my usual race pace. I couldn’t confirm this because I refused to glance at my ipod. Those few seconds count you know?!

By the second half, I felt like I drank a stale bottle of beer. It tasted like slight exhaustion mixed in with drops of boredom. Truly the result of one main ingredient: flat, unchallenging, bland roads. To add some spice to the recipe, I decided to apply the strategies Coach B taught me. I practiced longer strides with recovery periods in between. Oooh, I was flying! Together with Dave Matthews’ “Ants Marching” on my ipod, I was cruising at warp speed! Well, maybe not that fast but that’s how I felt.

Run To Bring Hope - Finish

– Runners crossing the finish line –

I ended the run with the biggest surprise ever. My time: 46.57 minutes! A whopping 10 minutes less than my PR! (Note: My Nike+ counted total distance at only 9.57 km)




What?! My Nike+ refuses to end the session. I press all the buttons, tap it, turn it upside down, and curse it to the high heavens, but it pretends not to hear me. The traitor! I thought he had been my best running buddy and, at my best run ever, he decides to abandon me?! Who does he think he is?!

After a few photos and more chatting with Happy Feet, I drive home proud of what I’ve accomplished but supremely pissed at the ipod for hanging on me. It didn’t record the entire run. Grrrr…I don’t have proof of my own personal victory. Oh well, I’m looking at the bright side, at least I didn’t faint.

With Maryanne and Jenny

– with Mary Anne and Jenny. So glad to meet you both! Looking forward to running together! –


– Batman/Spidey could’ve done 50k more –

Run To Bring Hope - Awarding

– Run To Bring Hope awarding and raffle –

The Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon

Saturday, 4 August 2007  |  Race Reports

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, Barbizon together with Mommy Matters, Best Friends in Breastfeeding, and Phil. Association of Childbirth Educators, held its first ever Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon today at Fort Bonifacio. More than a hundred participants—nursing mothers and their families, breastfeeding advocates, and runners—showed up to give their full support for the advocacy of breastfeeding by walking/running 2km around Bonifacio Global City.

Now, this was not a race for The Bull Runner. It was a race for the mother in me. (Aaaw, sniff sniff. Pass the tissue, please.) As a mother who breastfed my two kids, breastfeeding is a cause that I support because of the gift of good health it has given to my children. It was also, without a doubt, one of the best bonding experiences I had with both kids.

Anton & Nia

– My two kiddors (breastfed my little girl for 15 mos. and my boy for 6 mos.) –

This 2k run was also more like my son’s run. He was looking forward to this for the past two weeks and, as he woke up this morning with a bad cough, I promised him I would just run by his side and forget about racing today. (Forced tapering for tomorrow’s race, huh?)

So, with two children plus a yaya in tow, we headed for the Fort at 7:30 am despite the heavy rains. Upon registration, I was delighted to receive a pink shirt which all runners were asked to wear for the run. With a quick wardrobe change, I became one among the many pink runners lined up behind the starting line. Thankfully, by then, the rain had gone and the weather was cloudy and cool.

MMM Start

MMM Start Run

The course began from Gourdo’s restaurant and headed out towards the main streets of Bonifacio Global City. It was a delight for me to run with my son and his cousin. At first I thought I would just brisk walk while they would run by my side, but much to my surprise I found myself running (close to race pace at times!) just to keep up with them.

MMM Zach and Anton

– Cousins on the run –

I was enjoying the run when I saw Tessa Prieto-Valdes wearing what Ben said was my dream Nathan water carrier. MY Nathan?! How could that be? Someone else got to him before I did?! I took a shot and heaved a sigh of relief as I saw that hers was pink when My Nathan is yellow. Still, I was envious. Patience, I say to myself, patience. One day, my Nathan shall arrive.

MMM Tessa

– Tessa Valdes wearing My Nathan –

We passed Senendra and Bonifacio High Street and, before we knew it, we were nearing the finish line. The organizers pulled out their pink ribbon for us to run through but I learned a little bit too late (like when I was an inch away from the ribbon) that they did this for the kids—not me! Oops, I guess Mommy got too excited about feeling like a first placer!

MMM Finish

– I know, I know, I look preggy here. –

Before we left, we were given bags and bags of freebies from the sponsors. My oh my, Barbizon sure knows how to give us runners the spoiling that we so rightfully deserve! I took home a sandwich and water, Avent items, Prolacta samples, and—now this is my favorite—a free set of underwear which fits me perfectly! Woohoo, this sure beats hard boiled eggs!

They said this was going to be a “fun run” and that is certainly what we got—a grand time running with friends and family! Barbizon, how about a “fun” 10k next year?

MMM Happy Feet

– We got H@ppy Feet! –

To H@ppy Feet: Mon, Ben (and Missy), Joms, Smith, and Tisha, it was nice to see you again. Ang saya!

To Banggi, (you’re much taller than I thought), Roselle (nice to hear your soul voice live) and Anton (you are such a pleasant guy!), I was so glad to finally meet you outside of cyberspace.

To Anna Price: It was quite difficult to chat while running haha. Wish we had more time to talk and get Colin and Nia to play together!

To Tricia, congratulations for winning first place! Are you sure that wasn’t just your first race?

To  Janice, my sister who organized the race, congratulations!  When are you joining?

Thanks to Erwin Nolido for my finish line and Happy Feet shots.