Condura Race – Part 2

Monday, 3 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

After paparazzi shots of Condura Race from the previous post, here are photos of runners there that I actually know…

Banggi in a state of panic as she searched for friends right after the starting gun was fired –
– Good friend Tricia T. running again after an injury. Her incentive? A brand spankin’ new Garmin from her hubby –

– Babes, a super fast runner friend who I met at Mizuno Running sessions –

Taki, a member of Fort Striders, finished his first marathon at Pasig last week then ran 10k at Condura. Recovery daw! –

Mon, Patrick, Rio, Aljo
– Master Mon, Patrick Concepcion of Condura, Coach Rio, and Aljo –

Patrick, Doc Oknoy, Mon
– Master Runners of Happy Feet: Patrick Concepcion, Doc Oknoy, and Mon Domingo –

Mon, Me, Patrick
Me and my running gurus –

Happy Feet2
– Happy, Happy Feet with two future Aussies. Banggi and Chaia, I shall miss you! –

Happy Feet
– Old and new faces of Happy Feet –