Pinay In Action ’08

Sunday, 9 March 2008  |  Race Reports

I just thought of a great way to celebrate Women’s Month. Gather a huge group of strong, beautiful, driven, and dynamic women for a race. Tell them to take their husbands, children, friends and other relatives who wish to honor the importance of women in their lives. Maybe set up an expo showcasing health, wellness, beauty, and fitness products especially for women. It will be great! The perfect way for everyone to truly celebrate the strength and spirit of a woman!

Oh, wait a minute. Someone beat me to it. Sen. Pia Cayetano just celebrated the 2nd Pinay In Action this morning. It was the biggest and only all-women’s race in the country. It was definitely a success with over 2,000 participants (according to Mon D.) signing up for the 1.6k, 5k and 10k runs.


– Starting line for 5km runners at around 7:15 am. 10km runners had started earlier a little after 6 am –

I definitely could not miss this race. PIA makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside—like treating myself to a fat-laden Twix bar after a long run without worrying about my thighs—because this was the first ever race I joined last year. After finishing my 1st 5k, I remember telling the hubby “I like this. I could get used to this.” And that perhaps was the birth of The Bull Runner within me.

So, this morning, my son, Anton, and I arrived at NBC Tent a little bit too early for the 1.6km race we signed up for. After warming up and stretching (I told you I am a very good girl now), we waited and waited and waited…


– Please pause in silence to commemorate this special event. It had been way too long since I last pinned a race bib on my singlet so this was a momentous occasion. –


– Anton looks like he just woke up but he’s super excited over his upcoming run –

Perhaps out of boredom (and maybe in an attempt to get a new toy as a reward), Anton told me that he’d like to run the 5k instead which was going to start ahead of the 1.6km. Within the next few minutes, we were off. We ran for the 1st 5 minutes strong and cheerful. I cheered Anton on and he smiled back enjoying every minute. Like a stage mother (or maybe a road mother), I even taught him a few things I picked up from Ige Lopez such as keeping the arms low as if you were striking drums. But, he smartly replied “Mom, you can’t play drums while you’re running!” So, I shut my mouth and just enjoyed the run.

Within the next few minutes, we slowed down to a jog and shortly after we slacked off to a walk. By that time, Anton could hardly talk anymore. His smile had disappeared and was replaced by a blank stare. He was too pooped to even reply to my questions “Do you want to start running again?” or “Isn’t this fun?” or “Are you still breathing?” The only time he spoke again was after he drank a bit of water. By that time, I had decided to just head back and call it a day for his sake.

– 56 bottles of beer on the wall 56 bottles of beer, take one down pass it around, 56 bottles… –

We ended our run at 2.5km. A little bit more than Anton’s initial 1.6km goal and half of his 5km dream. Pretty good for my little boy! After a bit of socializing with Happy Feet friends (Anton was still not talking at this time), we headed home to meet hubby and daughter but not without a stop for a Jollibee kiddie meal as his reward. (Note: Anton gets a real toy if he finishes 5km. Maybe next time, baby!)

PIA wasn’t a PR race for me. But, it ranked high up there as one of the races that I’ll just never forget. See you there next year and the year after that…

– Pinays (and Pinoys) in action –
PIA in Pia08
– Sen. Pia runs towards the 10km finish line –
– Super strong mommy runner doesn’t mind the extra weight –
– Women in unity! Same hair. Same outfit. Same shoes! –
– Best friends? Or mother and daughter? Maybe both –

– My friend Beni (left) and her friends run together with their friend, Mila, who is now a quadraplegic after suffering an embolism during childbirth. –

– with Sen. Pia and Happy Feet –