2009 Goals

Sunday, 4 January 2009  |  Bullish Insights

“Consider goals as launching pads to something far greater.”

– Cyndi Laurin

Ever since I came across those aforementioned words in 2007, I stopped making resolutions and marked each New Year with GOALS instead.  Here goes…

ONE-DAY GOAL: To start eating properly tomorrow—as in the way normal human beings do without gorging on ridiculous amounts of dessert.

FIVE-DAY GOAL: To stick to my “7-Day Self-Imposed Running Ban.”  Oh, I didn’t tell you about this yet.  Since Singapore, I’ve had a lingering knee pain that won’t go away due to my non-stop running.  So, on January 1— yes, the first day of the year—I reluctantly promised myself I would stop running for 7 long days (ouch!) to give my knee time to heal. (To tell you frankly, I’m just on the 4th day and I think I’m gonna break soon.)

2-WEEK GOAL: To run The Bull Run 10k without any pain.  (The Bull’s gotta run The Bull Run, right?)  And, to decide by this time, if I’m foolish enough to join the Philippine Marathon on March 8 even with these nagging pains.


– To run a full marathon faster than Katie Holmes (5:29:58).  If not on March 8, then maybe New York which is even better timing for me.  Hey, a running girl can dream can’t she?

– To run a sub-2 hour half marathon.  

– To beat my 10k PR of 46.57 by the latter part of the year.

– To enjoy every run and race regardless of my time.  (Easier said than done, but I promise to work at it.)

– To say goodbye to Runner’s Knee and shin splints forever.  

– To remain consistent with cross-training activities that keep injuries at bay, such as biking, swimming, bikram yoga, and strength training.  (Hate to admit it, but since October, I focused solely on running as work and family obligations limited my training time.)

– To stop talking about Lance Armstrong too often with hubby.  When a 7-time tour de france champion and 2-time marathoner is all you rave about, then your husband may do one of two things: 1) wonder if you’re having an affair with Lance (yeah right!) or 2) realize that you’re no Kate Hudson.  Either way, I lose.

– To do another triathlon after my first marathon.

– To find a way to give back to others through running.  (I’m still brainstorming but I’m certain that I want to use running—and this blog—to make a positive change in this world.)

– To continue to love running as I do now and as I’ve done since the day I started in 2006.  Some people have a love-hate relationship with running, but mine is all love, baby. (Never could relate to New Balance’s love-hate marketing campaign since I haven’t had a day that I dreaded nor detested it.)  And, I only hope that running will love me back just the same by allowing me to run longer and faster for the rest of 2009.

Have a great 2009 to all of you!