Are You Joining Milo?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009  |  Bullish Insights

A good number of my running friends are in a daze this week.  They can’t focus on anything else but this Sunday’s big event.  After months of logging in the miles, training is over and it is nearly time for the final performance on July 5: The Milo Marathon.  


One friend, a soon-to-be first time marathoner said that “he will never feel completely ready for the marathon.”  Another running friend who has 2 or 3 marathons under his belt, ran 16k last Sunday morning and spent the afternoon touring his support crew (just one driver) around the full 42km course.  A third friend is carefully planning his nutrition and hydration plan, computing how often he’ll hydrate and take his Hammer gels.

I didn’t register for Milo as I’m hopelessly and inextricably in love with my long, slow training runs lately.  I’m enjoying the quiet time, away from the nervous breaths and sweaty palms of the sometimes maddening racing crowd. The relaxed pace gives me time to enjoy the run in its purest form without focusing on pace or distance, but just going by the sound of my feet landing on the ground. Aaah, while I run easy on Sunday, I shall be with my Milo Marathon friends in spirit.

To everyone running Milo, especially those anonymously mentioned above (haha), I wish for strong legs, boundless energy, and cool and cloudy skies. Break a leg…just not your knees!

Click here to visit the Milo Marathon website.

* Photo used was taken from Milo site.