TBR Dream Marathon Route Map

Wednesday, 9 March 2011  |  News + Promos

Below is the 42km Course Map for TBR Dream Marathon on March 20, 2011.

The race will be held in NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The route will be a 21km loop x 2 all on paved roads within NUVALI. Roads will be well lit but runners who wish to bring headlamps or flashlights may do so.


  1. Start: Back of Solenad, near Parking Area
  2. Immediate RIGHT. Slight LEFT and LEFT again at Starbucks and LEFT onto NUVALI Blvd.
  3. Follow NUVALI Blvd. passing the rotunda.  Cross the bridge and, at crest of hill, turn LEFT until the MAJOR TURNAROUND. Follow Nuvali Blvd. back.
  4. RIGHT at Evoliving Center, then turn RIGHT heading to Abrio. Circle around Abrio Rotunda.  Go straight towards Solenad and make a UTURN. Make a RIGHT back towards Evoliving Center. RIGHT onto Nuvali Blvd.
  5. RIGHT at the bridge. Immediate LEFT after the bridge into Solenad. Weave through Solenad boardwalk and lake area. RIGHT at Italianni’s and LEFT at Domo Tomo to head out of Solenad area.
  6. Turn LEFT at the end of the road and LEFT again at Starbucks. LEFT back onto NUVALI Boulevard. This marks the end of Loop One.
  7. Start LOOP 2: Repeat Step 3 to 5.
  8. From Solenad area, head straight towards the FINISH LINE.

1TBR Route
Below is the same route map featuring the hydration stations, key stations, and Dream Chaser stations.

  • Hydration stations will have water and Gatorade.  This will be placed at every 1.5 km of the route.
  • Aid Stations will be placed at every other hydration station (approximately 3km).  These will have basic first aid kit, petroleum jelly (vs chafing), salt sachets, Tiger Tail foam roller (vs tight muscles), and Bodivance (for blood circulation and to battle cramps) manned by a nurse.
  • Key Stations will have more stock of water and Gatorade.  These will also have sponges, ice, bananas, Cadbury Zip chocolates, and Tiger biscuits.
  • Dream Chaser Stations will have 10-14 runners who will cheer you on and support you to get you through each kilometer.  Most of our Dream Chasers now are alumni of TBR Dream Batch 2010.  This time, they’ve gone the extra mile—literally and figuratively—to surprise you with super creative and unique ideas for each tent. I heard some have prepared music, cameras, and tons of food!
  • Others:
    • Hammer Gels will be distributed at the assembly area at 1:30 AM.  They will also be placed near the 10km station and 21km station.  We have allocation of 3 gels per runner.
    • Kinesio Taping will be available before and during the race to be placed by certified professionals. Until supplies last.

1TBR Route