Clean & Mean Routine: Tip 5 – Nourish your Body. Nurture Your Spirit.

Monday, 10 February 2014  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

TBR Clean & Mean Routine is a series of nutrition and wellness tips from for people who wish to start the year right by living cleaner, healthier lives.  New tips are posted every Monday from Jan. 13 to Feb. 24. 


As mentioned, our TBR Clean & Mean Routine is about eating clean food.  It’s also about being MEAN.  M in Mean is for meals of three and snacks of two. E is for exercise at least 4x a week. A is for Anything in moderation.  N is for NOURISH YOUR BODY, NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT.

We’re on our 5thth week of eating clean, exercising regularly, and still enjoying the entire process.  How’re you feeling so far?  This week, we’ll talk about your spirit.


Being healthy isn’t a goal in itself.  We want to be healthy so that we can live better lives and become better people.

So, as we focus on eating better and exercising more, we shouldn’t forget that, at the end of the day, we should also care for our mind and spirit so that we can achieve bigger things.

Truth is, food is just our secondary source of energy.  Our primary sources of energy are the following: healthy relationships, inspiring work, regular and enjoyable physical activity, and a meaningful spiritual practice.  We should always try to achieve a balance among all these things to become better.


So, now that you’re eating cleaner and exercising more, how can you nurture your spirit?  Here are some ways:

  1. Commune with nature.  Spend more time outdoors and feel connected to the grass upon your feet and the vast sky above you.  Try running the trails instead of the road this weekend.
  2. Slow down.  We’re often stuck in the rat race in the city burdened with deadlines and overscheduled with meetings.  Take some time out each day to slow down and gather yourself.
  3. Meditate every morning.  Start each day with a few minutes of meditation.  You’ll be surprised at how this brief activity can change the next 24 hours.
  4. Pray.  For many, prayer is one of the best ways to connect to God and find a deeper meaning in their daily lives.
  5. Try yoga. Yoga teaches techniques that exercise the body, mind, and spirit.  They say that the lessons of flexibility, patience, mental alertness that you learn on the mat spills off to the rest of your life as well.
  6. Be grateful.  Instead of complaining about the traffic or your boss, take note of the many little good things that occur during each day.  Also take the time out to be thankful for what and who you have around you that you may sometimes take for granted.

Try this out this week and see how it can change your mindset about diet, exercise, and your life.

If you want to join me and others on our TBR Clean and Mean Routine for 2014, just do this:

Post a comment on TBR FACEBOOK PAGE that you commit to practicing the tip for the next 7 days.  If you don’t have FB, you can post your comment on this blogpost.

Watch out for our weekly TBR Clean & Mean Routine tip every Monday. I will ask you to post a comment on each of those weekly tips until February 24.

Throughout the week, feel free to chat and converse with others in the TBR FB Page who are trying to apply the weekly tips in their lives.

By the first week of March, I will ask you to submit a story on how this plan worked for you and what changes you saw in your life. The most compelling and interesting submission will win a pair of running shoes from me.

Let me know how this week goes for you!  See you next Monday!

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