Tokyo Marathon 2014: Taper Time!

Sunday, 2 February 2014  |  Bullish Insights

In the early part of December, I posted about writing a series of posts on my training for Tokyo Marathon. I had good intentions and I truly thought I would be able to follow through.  This post would be the first and apparently last one…until now. Whooops!

First Christmas happened, then New Year.  Then, there were a lot of Bull Circles and Bull Sessions sprinkled somewhere in between that took a lot of my time.  And, I only realized now that, while I first thought that scheduling my own marathon just a week after TBR ULAH Dream Marathon was one of my more brilliant ideas (I could train together with my own runners!) it turned out to be quite the opposite.  The combination of organizing a race along with serious training for a marathon is no joke (although I did catch myself laughing out loud while neck deep in work sometimes!  Yes, it kinda drove me nuts!)

Now that I’m done with all the excuses about my failure to update you, allow me to say that I still  managed to train for Tokyo despite all the work.  So here I am, three weeks away from Tokyo Marathon and I feel ready, baby!

– Tokyo Marathon Info Kit was sent by mail. I received it a few days ago –


My friends, Ton, Lit and I chose to follow Lit’s experimental program which he modified and adapted from the Brooks Hansen Program for us to use for Tokyo Marathon.  (Aaah, the benefits of having a running coach for a friend!)  The program focuses on quality runs instead of pure distance.  Instead of running a maximum of 35km (which I usually do in my previous marathons), we instead run a maximum of 28km and three back-to-back runs: 16-16, 21-21, and 18-18.  The back to back runs allow us to run at a target pace even on tired legs.

I thought this was the perfect program for perennially injured me.  The “shorter” long run could keep injury at bay for me.  And, quite honestly, I was aching to try something new to help me break my PR at London Marathon.

We used this program from December until now hitting all the major runs required.  Just yesterday and this morning, we ran our last back-to-back runs: the two 18ks.  We ran this at a pace much stronger than what we’re used to for our LSDs and I loved every single minute!

– Last Saturday after our first 18k run for the weekend –

Will it work?  I really don’t know.  I will admit that I used to find comfort in heading out for a marathon knowing that I got that 35k under my belt.  Now, I feel a bit queasy about having a measly 28k.  But, I will tell you that I’m a little bit more confident now about my speed which we developed more running the back to back training runs.  I think the main benefit of those runs was that we learned to push hard even on tired legs, which is essentially what you experience in the last 10k of the marathon.


So, this morning, after our run, we all ended the run with high-fives ecstatic that it’s finally taper time.  The work is over.  The goal for the next three weeks is to continue running strong runs but at a shorter distance, to eat well, and to not get injured (bawal madapa at mag crash sa bike!)  Oh, and also to give our runners the best first marathon of their lives at TBR ULAH Dream Marathon.

Aaah, the marathon.  Whether it’s your first or your tenth, it still commands the same amount of commitment from an individual and gives back a hundredfold upon crossing the finish line.

Dream Marathon 2014: Send Off Party & Redemption of Race Kit

Wednesday, 29 January 2014  |  Bullish Insights, News + Promos

All registered participants and pacers of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014 are cordially invited to our Send Off Party. It’s going to be an evening of cocktails, games, raffle (grand prize are 2 Garmin Forerunner 10), race briefing and race kit redemption.  You cannot miss this!

WHEN: Feb. 6, 2014, Thursday
WHERE: JY Campos Halls A & B, Unilab Bayanihan Compound, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig
TIME: 7:00 PM (Race Kits may be claimed as early as 6:00 PM)
WHO CAN COME: Only registered participants of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014, registered Pacers of DM 2014, and invited guests.

Map to Venue:


Redemption of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014 Race Kits for Runners and Personal Pacers may be claimed in three venues:

During the TBR ULAH Dream Send Off Party, all registered participants and accepted Personal Pacers of TBR Dream Marathon 2014 may claim the race kits.
EVENT: TBR Dream Marathon 2014 Send Off Party
DATE: 6 February 2013, Thursday
PLACE: JY CAMPOS Halls A&B, Unilab Bayanihan Center, 8008 Pioneer St., Brgy. Capitolyo, Pasig City
TIME: 7:00 to 9:30 PM (You may come in as early as 6:00PM to redeem your race kit)

2) THE ATHLETE’S FOOT, BONIFACIO HIGH STREET – Feb 8 Saturday to Feb 12 Wednesday

3) DREAM MARATHON INFO BOOTH, THE FIELDS, NUVALI – February 16, 12 midnight to 2:00 AM


Just your Medical Certificate.
All participants are required to submit a medical certificate.
We will strictly implement the No Medical Certificate, No Race Kit rule.

You may send an authorized representative to claim your race kit. Please send the following:
1) Letter of Authorization
2) Photocopy of your valid ID
3) Your Medical Certificate
4) Signed TBRDM Waiver if not submitted yet
5) Signed NUVALI Waiver if not submitted yet

* To download the Waivers, visit

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Send Off Party, only registered participants and Pacers will be allowed entry. Only they may claim your race kit for you as an authorized representative. Non-registered runners will NOT be allowed entry.

P500 fee and the signed Pacer and Nuvali Waivers.
Pacer’s name must be on the Official List of accepted Pacers.

You may send an authorized representative to claim your race kit. Please send the following:
1) P500 fee
2) Signed Pacer & Nuvali Waivers. To download the Waiver, visit

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Send Off Party, only registered participants and Pacers will be allowed entry. Only they may claim your race kit for you as an authorized representative. Non-registered runners will NOT be allowed entry.

Be Brave. Be Bullish. Let’s Run, 2014!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014  |  Bullish Insights

Happy New Year! May you be brave and bullish in this coming year! That’s what I plan to be! Oh yeah, those are my power words this year: Brave & Bullish. Now, don’t laugh. Just hear me roar! (although that’s kinda lion-ish)

The first blogpost of the year has got to be about New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s mine. What’s yours?

For this coming year, I resolve to…

to embrace those I love tightly and let go of those who drag me down,

to be kind and even kinder to those who annoy me the most,

to take on more adventures that scare me to death,

to work as hard as I train (or train as hard as I work?),

to drink more water and less coffee,

to cook more healthy meals at home,

to get even more people (especially my brothers and sisters) to run,

to run my own race,

to see the good even in a pile of sh*t,

to grab life by its horns and live it fully.

Happy New Year! Let’s run, people!

Part 2: Thank you, 2013!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013  |  Bullish Insights

I can’t let this year end without thanking everyone who supported me this year. So, here goes:



Thank you for the trust and the support! Mwah. Mwah.

Enervon Activ – Thank you for collaborating with me. Thank you also for giving me more energy and helping me overcome fatigue! Oh yeah!

Sun Broadband – It was a pleasure working with you for two years!

Gatorade – For all the hydration! I would literally collapse without you. Thanks G! #winfromwithin

– with Lit, Ton of GroupM, and Jun –

Specialized – For my beloved Shiv and support for riding and caring for my bike all throughout the year!

– with Joey Ramirez of Dan’s –

– with my boy, my Shiv! –

– Coach Andy Leuterio and Keshia Fule during a body geometry fits –

Oakley – Best shades ever! Thank you to Oakley for always providing me with shades for training, traveling, shopping…Yes, you get the point. I pretty much use only Oakleys all the time. Love ’em to bits.

Otterbox – For keeping my phone safe from dirt, water, kids, and most especially from my crazy, clumsy self.

– swimming with my iPhone in Cebu using my waterproof, shockproof, dustproof Otterbox Armor –

– with Anthony Kierulf of Otterbox –

Rocktape – I will forever be grateful for keeping my little injuries at bay so that I can continue to do what I love!

Peak Form – For this perennially injured runner, you were a godsend! Thank you for the countless deep tissue massages. I loved the pain. Truly!

Quaker Oats – Thank you for trusting me to help spread the word about proper nutrition for the entire family! Because of your Quaker Challenge, my kids and I were motivated to get even more active together.

Kitchen’s Best – Thank you for the delicious food and dessert!  You know that I eat healthy most of the time, but I come to you when it’s time to live a little and enjoy!


Unilab Active Health. Thank you to Clinton Hess, Alex Panlilio, Lester Castillo, Bianca Cortez, and Zeny Mejias. It’s always a pleasure to work with such an efficient and hardworking team. May we get more people to live an active healthy lifestyle.


You guys have been with us from day one! Together, we’ve made more than a thousand runners into marathoners!


– with Coach Rio at the Rappler Do More Awards –


– Here in the pic with Jun Bisnar, GM of Nuvali, and his wife Ofel along with Jim Lafferty at TBR Dream Marathon 2013 –

GATORADE – as always!


– You guys are sponsors, friends, and alumni of TBR Dream Marathon! Thanks for everything! –


Team Unilab Active Health!  You guys know who you are. Thanks for making triathlon even more fun!


Jim Lafferty, Coach Lit Onrubia, Jun Cruz, Macel & Mike Janeo, and Neville Manaois. It is always great to be working with people who share the same passion for making more marathon dreams come true!

– with Mike, Macel, Lit, Jun –


Jun, Macel, Vima Mendoza, Neil Gonzales, Patrick Diokno, and Ben Chan of Blacksheep Photography.  Thank you for working so hard to make each issue perfect!

– Ben Chan behind the scenes shooting Patrick Concepcion for our cover –


Coach Andy Leuterio for triathlon and Coach Anthony Lozada for swimming. Thanks for your guidance…and patience! Haha!

– with Coach Andy Leuterio of Alpha Tri –

– with Coach Anthony Lozada of Lozada Swim School –

To my son’s coach: Coach Norman who patiently teaches the kids how to swim, bike, and run in the most fun manner.

Thank you to Nike Philippines for all the swoosh lovin’!

Thanks to Timex Philippines, especially Gemma Pagsibigan and Jose, and Timex UK who went out of their way to get me a slot for London Marathon when I almost lost hope!

Thank you to Photo-Ops who go over and beyond their work to send me awesome pics for the blog and the race. Thanks Tong, KB, and the rest of your team!

To old and new running bloggers – Thanks for the camaraderie and the friendship!

To TBR Dream Marathoners of the past and present who make TBR not just a blog or a marathon but an advocacy that goes beyond me or anything that I could have ever imagined.

To my dearest friends in running who make the roads even more pleasurable to run on.

– My dearest Jabronis: Ton, Lit, and Angel –

To my family, the reason for everything.

And, last but not the least, to YOU my ever so loyal readers who continue to visit this little blog of mine. Every click means a lot to me and I can never thank you enough. I’m hoping to make you even happier in 2014 with a better TBR!

Happy New Year to you!

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Part 1: Thank You, 2013!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013  |  Bullish Insights

It’s the last day of the year!  As always, I look back on the year that was…

2013 was year of extremes for me.  The first half was a roller coaster ride coming from the high of London Marathon to literally dropping to a low with my bike crash to finishing Ironman 70.3 Cebu.  By the 2nd half of the year, I decided to take it s-l-o-w as I enjoyed my off season while maintaining my fitness (in other words, I still swam, biked, and ran like a fiend but I didn’t race LOL).

I know it’s cliche, but I must say that it’s been another wonderful and blessed year.   Sure, I had my fair share of crap thrown my way,  but each event in life will only affect you in the way that you wish to see it, either as a blessing or as bullsh*t.  I choose to view them as blessings.  Here are my blessings for 2013…

1) London Marathon (April 21)

The best marathon I have ever joined in what has come to be my favorite city in the world. I was fortunate enough to have been sponsored by Unilab Active Health to participate in this race and Timex for my slot. Bonuses? I broke my PR at 4:24.  My family got to travel with me.  And, we passed by Paris after!

London Marathon was a week after the devastating bombing at Boston Marathon.

– At the finish line of London Marathon –

– my hubby and kiddos pick me up at the race –

2) Ironman 70.3 Cebu (August 4)

This was my 2nd Ironman 70.3.  After a foot injury months before the event, a bike crash a month before the race, bad weather the day before, and a flat tire during the bike leg, I was proud to have finished this event alive!  I felt like a warrior!  Rawr!

Thank you to my Coach Andy Leuterio for training me through London Marathon and Ironman Cebu 70.3, Specialized and Dan’s for my beloved Shiv and helping me care for him.  Thanks also to my team Unilab Active Health for the support and camaraderie!

Bike crash a month before the race. Save for several unsightly wounds, I was lucky to have come out of it without any broken bones and alive! –

– Bike leg of Ironman 70.3 Cebu. Photo by Michael Ocana –

– Hugging Sen. Pia Cayetano at the finish line. Photo by Tong Pascua of Photo Ops –

– Happy finish! Photo by James Go –

3) The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2013 (February 22)

Last February 22, 584 runners became marathoners.  It was the 4th TBR Dream Marathon.  Every year, we hope to continue helping more runners reach their marathon dreams.

– Farrah Rodriguez, TBR Dream Marathoner –

– Marice Laxa-Pangilinan finishes her first 42k a day before her birthday. She was paced by husband Anthony –

– TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Medal –

Last August, we launched the 5th Dream Marathon. 800 slots were gone in 37 minutes. We ended up accepting a total of 900 runners who are currently training for their first marathon on February 16, 2014. Batch 2014 is a fantastic bunch of committed and enthusiastic runners. It’s been a fun-filled journey so far to train for their first marathon with them.

– with Batch 2014 of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon –

4) One Run (November 16)

We organized One Run, a run to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, shortly after seeing the devastation in Tacloban and surrounding areas.  We were overwhelmed with the response from the running community as we collected a whopping P615,000 in cash and a significant number of in kind donations.

One Run was organized by The Bull Runner in cooperation with Unilab Active Health with the support of Gatorade. Thank you also to Bonifacio Global City,, Simple Hydration, Proactive, Photo-Ops (our official photographer), HDSI Medic Team, Jun Cruz and Mike & Macel Janeo.

– Triathletes Kuya Kim Atienza, Raffy Zamora, and Erwan Heussaff joined by friends at One Run –

– Sen. Pia Cayetano and friends came to support –

– Triathlete friends came to help and volunteer –

5) Finalist in Rappler Do More Awards (October)

I was honored to make it as finalist in the Rappler DO MORE Awards.  It was awesome to be among a select group of Filipino achievers who “do more” than is expected of them.

6) Anton finishes his first triathlon (October 20)

As part of our Quaker Challenge as a Quaker Supermom, we made it our family goal to be more active together.  Anton’s goal was to finish his first triathlon, which he did at the Ironkids last October!  I couldn’t have been a prouder momma!

Thank you to Quaker Oats for motivating us even more to conquer our goals.

– My not so little boy showing off his medal –

7) Running, running, and more running

Sure I’ve been into triathlon the past couple of years, but running is still the sport that brings me the most joy.  I will always be a runner.  It was great to participate in local races and use these as training for my A-races.  The races that stood out for me were the following:

Run United (March 17)

– with great friends Lit, Ton, and Jun after Run United 1 (March 17) –

Run United (October 6)

– Run United Philippine Marathon –

New Balance Power Run 25k

– with friends Ton, Jun, and Maiqui –

Those were the highlights to the awesome year of 2013.  What were the highlights of 2013 for you?

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