Beat Sports Fatigue with Enervon Activ

Tuesday, 11 December 2012  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

As runners and triathletes, we are constantly testing our limits and training hard to improve our performance.  There are times, however, when we overtrain and push so hard that we experience exhaustion and fail to train or race the way we planned.  This is called sports fatigue.

Boo to sports fatigue!  I’ve experienced this quite a number of times already in races that I’ve trained so hard for.  You wake up excited for a race that you hope to PR in, but, during the race, something goes wrong: your legs feel like lead, you tire out too early in the game, and nothing—not gels, music, or a push from a pacer—can make you move as fast as you hoped for.  Perhaps you trained too hard the past week, you lacked sleep because of a looming work deadline, or the kids kept you up.  Whatever the reason, you’re bummed out and you can’t figure out how to avoid this again in the next race.

What to do?  Well, first, you probably have to follow a good program.  Get advice from a coach who can help you peak in time for the race, not before or after.  It’s not always about pushing yourself hard during every workout.  Second, eat and sleep properly at least a week before race day.  Lastly, try taking supplements that can provide you with energy.

Enervon Activ is a new product from Unilab Active Health which helps athletes beat sports fatigue.  Together with popular race organizer and runner Coach Rio de la Cruz and triathlon couple and coaches Dan and Ani Brown,  I’m happy to spread the word about Enervon Active to runners and athletes.  See our video below.


What’s In Your Cooler?

Saturday, 30 June 2012  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

I would like to introduce you to my best buddy. The first one I run to, well, after a run. The one who freshens me up no matter how difficult the run was. The only one who can truly make me smile again when I feel like the road has beaten me up.

Introducing: My beloved cooler…

What does he have in store for me after each run?

  1. 1 to 3 bottles of Gatorade depending on the length of the run – I drink this during the run. Most of the Gatorade goes into my Nathan hydration belt or handheld bottle for refueling during breaks in the run.
  2. 1 bottle of water – I drink this to down my gel or, on hot days, for pouring on head and nape.  I avoid downing my gel using a sports drink. Creates a lot of gas and we don’t want that!
  3. 1 bottle of Enervon HP – My recovery drink. I drink Enervon HP within the first 15 minutes after a workout just before we have breakfast. I need this to allow me to workout well the next day. If I skip this, I’m usually in trouble; I’ll wake up with sore or tight muscles.  Bonus is that it’s really yummy, especially when chilled.
  4. Ice cold towel – Sometimes I’ll throw in an ice cold towel in there for putting over my head and nape after a run. Who cares how stupid I look?
  5. Loads and loads of ice – This is of course to ensure that all the other fluids stay cold. But, you can use chunks of ice  to cool your body down during breaks in the run.


Get a chance to win Enervon HP products! One winner will win: 1 Enervon HP 700g, 1 Enervon HP sports bottle, 1 Enervon HP running bandana, and 2 Enervon HP shoe reflector tags


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UPDATE: Congratulations to Paolo Mercado for winning! Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.

Gatorade Sweat Test…and the Results!

Thursday, 23 February 2012  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

Last Feb. 18, 2012, Gatorade treated 52 of our TBR Dream Marathon runners and friends to a free Gatorade Sweat Test at Ultra.

– TBR DM runners woke up early for their Gatorade Sweat Test at Ultra –

The experts and staff of Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) came in full force. And, even before the 5am call time, our runners were lined up at the Ultra entrance. 100% attendance from all sign ups!

Runners went through this simple and organized process led by GSSI:
1. Measure Body Weight;
2. Urine Test;
3. Patch the Runners (the staff places a cotton like material on the runner’s forearm and forehead to collect sweat and analyze electrolytes)
4. 1 hour 30 minutes running

– Urine samples. Guess which urine is severely dehydrated? –

– GSSI hard at work collecting samples and patching –

– Ultramarathoner and suki volunteer/chaser of TBR DM Leo Tugade gets patched –

– Lara Parpan, Women’s Health editor and guest of Gatorade, gets sweat tested too –

After the 1 1/2 hour run…
5. Taking off of patches after about 45 minutes
6. Finish the 1:30 hr run while monitoring fluid intake
7. Cool Down
8. Towel down and Weigh out.

– GSSI takes this very seriously –

– Gatorade on the house during the sweat test –

– me (saling pusa runner for the day), Ton and Oz of GroupM, and Lit –

– TBR DM runners with GSSI, Marcia of Group M, and one of my favorite paralympic heroes Coach Sid Vildosola –

– Surprise surprise! Who did I bump into as a member of the GSSI team? My favorite PT at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center, Aspi. Years ago, I would run to him for dry needling! That’s me with Aspi and Jun –


We received the results from GSSI yesterday. Drumroll please! Participants will receive the results via email as well.

2012 TBR GSTFB Results - Men1

2012 TBR GSTFB Results - Men P2_1

2012 TBR GST FB Results - Women1


While the lucky 50 runners get a personalized guide to their hydration, GSSI was kind enough to offer the same information and guidance to the rest of our runners.

On our next Bull Session on Feb. 25 at NUVALI, GSSI head Nino Sinco will present a TBR Gatorade Drink Guide, a General Drink Guide for the TBR DM Runners based on the data they collected and obtained from the sample of 52 TBR DM Runners during the test. Basically, it’s a cross section guide for the participants/ trainees/ runners.

The talk will start at 4:00 AM at the Solenad Activity area and end at around 4:25 AM. This will be followed by a brief talk by Jim Lafferty and Lit Onrubia and off we go on our 3.5 hour long run.

Some photos courtesy of Nino Sinco. Thanks Nino!

Run then Eat at Mercato Centrale

Wednesday, 30 November 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

After an easy run last Sunday with friends (tapering off for California International Marathon already), I dropped by Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City to buy food for a potluck lunch with my mom and siblings.  My sis, Janice, was there to help me choose among the tons of food. Janice co-owns Mercato Centrale along with Anton and Rache Diaz and RJ and Vanessa Ledesma.

– with my Ate Nice –

Now on to the food…drool drool. There was a wide variety of healthy food to choose from for us runners…

1) MUESLI-GRANOLA KITCHEN AND BAKESHOP: cookies, crunch bars, loaves and muffins. They have variants with no sugar added or using natural sugar replacers from sugarbeets.

– Oooh I liked this dark choco-dipped barmuncher. As crunchy and yummy as biscotti. –

– Liked this no nut-sense mini bars. It’s whole wheat and portable. Good alternative to junk –

– Muesli-Granola mix using brown sugar. Great for a healthy breakfast –

– Gift boxes and canisters for runner/athlete friends –

2) PAO YING FOOD: dimsum. Options for whole wheat or multigrain dimsum in regular or mini sizes called Smunch

– I love siopao! (In fact, my dog was named Siopao!) I bought a pack of multigrain siopao with assorted flavors: Veggie, Spinach, and Mushroom. Easy to “baon” for days when I’m rushing –

– Bobby and I chanced upon the Choco Smunch: siopao with chocolate. I wasn’t able to taste it, but this gives me a good reason to return to Mercato –

3) AUNTIE MAY’S: For your favorite Pinoy breakfast

– Tapsilog, simply one of the best post-run meals. P120 at Auntie May’s –

4) J. CUPCAKES: cupcakes, cookies, rolls, and other goodies

– Strawberry Granola cupcake! Yummy and on the healthy side too. P55 per pc –

– Made by J or Jules herself –

5) MERRY MOO: homemade ice cream using fresh local dairy


– smooth and creamy! –

6) SOYA STYX: healthy nibbles made from Soya

– Soya Styx were crunchy and tasty. Chili & Garlic flavors P80. Basil P90 –

7) SWEETS GALORE: chocolate crips

– Dentelle Au Chocolat. I probably finished my pack of these quicker than I could say its name! My kids loved this too. Less guilt since its dark choco! P195 for 150g. –

8 ) FRUIT SHAKES: the best during a hot day, especially after a run

– Fresh fruit shakes P35 to P65 –

I spotted other non-food items for us runners too…


– Messy Bessy gift packs. Various products. I’m a huge fan of the Sports Spritzer and Little Warrior –

– Drop this in your gym bag or running shoes to deodorize –


– Nice little green tin cans for hydration. Prices range from P1150 to P1550 depending on the size –



– We all need our massage to loosen up those tight muscles. This is perfect for your own use or as a gift. P350 –

It was nice to see so many runners there coming from Run BGC and McHappy Fun Run, two races that Sunday morning. Made new friends and bumped into old ones! See you at Mercato!

– Families that run together, eat together. This running family came from McHappy Fun Run –

– Gail and Reg from Skechers shopping for desserts after Run BGC. Nice meeting you both! –

– Young runners enjoying their post-race meals at Mercato after Run BGC –

– Bumped into good friends, Art and Vima (Kulit Runner) and Bobby, who came from Run BGC –

MERCATO CENTRALE DAY MARKET – 8th & 34th St. (near Lexus Showroom and beside MC Home Depot), Bonifacio Global City, Saturday and Sundays (7am to 2pm)

MIDNIGHT MERCATO – 8th & 34th St. (near Lexus Showroom and beside MC Home Depot), Bonifacio Global City, Fridays and Saturdays (10pm to 3am)

For those down south, there’s also:

SODERNO @ MOLITO – Food, Fashion, Arts and Crafts, Saturday and Sunday (7am to 4pm)

SODERNO NIGHTS – Molito, Friday and Saturday (6pm to 3am)

TBR DM: 1st Weight Management Session

Saturday, 26 November 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

Last November 22, 2011, TBR Dream Marathoners who had the good fortune of obtaining limited slots for the free TBR DM Weight Management Sessions with Armand and Mitch Mendoza met up for their 1st session.  The first get together was held at Jamba Juice in Bonifacio High Street.


Jamba Juice Managing Director Sharon Fuentebella gave all of us a warm welcome plus yummy Strawberries Wild samples for all the runners.  I gave a brief talk on my own nutrition and diet tips while training for a marathon.

– Sharon of Jamba Juice talks about what runners and Jamba Juice have in common: health and fitness –

Miriam Valero, a TBR DM Batch 2011 alumni shared her success story on her weight loss while training for TBR Dream.  She told us how she changed her lifestyle by increasing her activities to running and Barre 3 workouts, eating lighter dinners, and limiting her indulgence for sweets.  She talked about her once seemingly impossible goal of fitting into her 20-year-old jeans and surprised us when she said, for the first time, she was wearing the jeans she spoke of!

– Miriam Valero, TBR DM Alumni, lost almost 20 lbs with the help of Armand and Mitch –

– Miriam in her jeans. Ton talaga! By the way, Miriam and Ton met at TBR DM Weight Management Program last year. Now, they’re good friends and run buddies –

Armand Mendoza then discussed the weight management program and the goals for the entire group.  During the talks, Mitch Mendoza weighed in all of our participants and had them fill up questionnaires.

– Mitch weighs in our runners. This is so nerve wracking –

From now until marathon day, our runners will be noting down everything that enters their mouth in a food journal.  They’ll also be meeting once a month with Armand and Mitch for consultations.  Oh, I’m so looking forward to seeing all the wonderful transformations in this group!  All the best to you guys!

– with Jim Fuentebella of Jamba Juice –

Thanks too Jamba Juice for hosting our event!