Part 1: Tokyo Marathon – Race Expo

Wednesday, 5 March 2014  |  Race Reports

I had been dreaming of running Tokyo Marathon for the past few years.  The dream was planted by a friend who mentioned that Japanese hand out chocolates from start to finish of the race. (I know, I’m easy!)  Then, when Tokyo was included into the roster of World Marathon Majors just recently, it was a no brainer.  I signed up for the lottery and later found out I had been chosen!  It was fate!

So, I left for Tokyo last February 20, ran the marathon on the 23rd, did some marathon shopping on the 24th, and got back last February 25.  For the next few days, I had been practically glued to my bed uncertain if I was tired from the marathon or the marathon shopping-eating combination.

Thankfully, with the help of deep tissue massage and Bikram Yoga, I’ve been able to bounce back this week with renewed energy.  And so this begins my series of posts about Tokyo Marathon.  Sit back with some sushi and enjoy!


Brrrrrr. It was freezing cold when I, along with friends Ton and Lit accompanied by his wife and son, arrived in Tokyo on Thursday afternoon. After we checked into our hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel, which was a partner hotel of the race and was conveniently located across the starting line of the marathon, Ton, Lit and I wasted no time in heading out to the race expo to claim our race kit. Uh huh, we weren’t that excited.

The Tokyo Marathon race expo was located at Tokyo Big Sight, the venue for the finish line. It was a fantastic expo, comparable to the expo of other bigger marathons, like New York and London and much better than Berlin’s. Allow these photos to do the talking…

Entrance to the Expo

The requisite pose by the entrance before claiming my bib

Orderly, organized, and, most importantly, quick claiming of race kits

Big poster of the Tokyo Marathon course

And now we feel like we walk through the course

Tokyo Marathon is now part of the World Marathon Majors which include 5 other marathons: Berlin, London, New York, Chicago, and Boston. After Tokyo, I have two more to go!

Tokyo Marathon medals

Runners hang notes for the marathon

After claiming our race kits and having the chip tested, we entered the sponsors’ booths area to be welcomed by this view. My jaw dropped. I had never seen so many official race shirt choices before. (Later I learn that only 3 or 4 of those shirts were for women. Boo!)

They had official race towels, gloves, and caps too.

The official apparel and shoe sponsor of the race was Asics, but almost all major shoe brands were represented here. Conspicuously absent was Nike.

– We are marathoners! –

Limited Edition Tokyo Marathon Saucony shoes

And now for more shopping!

Only in Tokyo will you spot CW-X tights that are these colourful!

In case you tire while running, they had a BMW bike too LOL

NEXT: Part 2: Tokyo Marathon – Eats & Run

Photos: TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014

Wednesday, 5 March 2014  |  Race Reports

Who can get over the high of running their first marathon?  It’s been a little over two weeks since TBR ULAH Dream Marathon and most of our Batch 2014 runners are still on cloud 9!

As for me, I’m overwhelmed and grateful for the support of everyone who made the 5th TBR ULAH Dream Marathon a success.  While it started with Jim and I, the event only gets bigger and better with the help of an entire community.  In behalf of the Dream Team, thank you to our Dream Chasers especially team heads Bea, Gene, Botchoy, and Allan, our sponsors especially Unilab Active Health, Runrio, Nuvali, and New Balance (see our other sponsors below!), race marshals with lead marshal Coach Roel, TBRDM Alumni who helped support our runners, Pacers, and TBR friends and family who came!

Sharing with you photos from race day.  Photos are courtesy of our official photographers, Photo-Ops. If you would like to view more photos, visit the Photo-Ops Facebook page.

– Before gun start at 1:30 AM –

– Happiness! –

– TBR Alum Maricel Pangilinan and hubby Anthony drop by to share homemade Gatorade popsicles and to run with the runners –

– Sprint to the finish –

– A marriage proposal at the finish! Lyn got herself a medal…and a ring…that day! –

– Medals await the finishers –

– Daniel Matsunaga finishes his first marathon at TBR ULAH Dream Marathon –

– Father finishes his first marathon with his child –

– Couples finishing their first marathon hand-in-hand –

– Joanna Preysler-Francisco and Raul Francisco kiss at the finish. Both ran their 2nd TBR ULAH DM –

– Fangirl moment for me. Daniel and I have the same limited edition NYC Marathon New Balance shoes! –

– She’s one happy finisher! –

Done: Tokyo Marathon 2014!

Monday, 24 February 2014  |  Bullish Insights

You may have been wondering where I’ve been. After TBR ULAH Dream Marathon last week, I rushed work to meet all my deadlines, stayed up all night packing, and flew off to Tokyo by Thursday to realize my own dream: to run my 4th World Marathon Major and my 10th marathon, the Tokyo Marathon! Wooohooo!

I’m still in Tokyo now to enjoy more of the sights and most especially the food! But, let me leave you with my Tokyo Marathon finish line photo from yesterday. I finished at 4:37. Not a time I’m happy about, I was expecting better—a lot better especially with how well I was doing at the first half—but, as with all marathons, you can’t really predict how things will go until you cross the finish line.

More on this in the next few days. For now, I hope you’ve had a great week just as I have here in this beautiful city.

For more photos, you can follow me on Instagram.

Official Results of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014  |  Race Reports

Congratulations to all 676 finishers (updated) of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon Batch 2014 held last Sunday, February 16, 2014 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna! You are now MARATHONERS!

Below are the official results of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014 provided to us by our Presenter, RunRio. Should you have any concerns, please email Macel at tbrdream(at) with the subject: Official Results.

I’m still trying to absorb everything that happened over the weekend and trying to put them into words while I await photos from our official photographers. Check here in a few days for an update!

DOWNLOAD PDF: The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2014 Overall results (Updated: 2/20)

Note: “DQ” are runners who have been disqualified.  These runners’ bibs have been confirmed to be used by another runner.  As stated in the race rules, these runners will not be included in the official results.

Clean & Mean Routine: Tip 5 – Nourish your Body. Nurture Your Spirit.

Monday, 10 February 2014  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

TBR Clean & Mean Routine is a series of nutrition and wellness tips from for people who wish to start the year right by living cleaner, healthier lives.  New tips are posted every Monday from Jan. 13 to Feb. 24. 


As mentioned, our TBR Clean & Mean Routine is about eating clean food.  It’s also about being MEAN.  M in Mean is for meals of three and snacks of two. E is for exercise at least 4x a week. A is for Anything in moderation.  N is for NOURISH YOUR BODY, NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT.

We’re on our 5thth week of eating clean, exercising regularly, and still enjoying the entire process.  How’re you feeling so far?  This week, we’ll talk about your spirit.


Being healthy isn’t a goal in itself.  We want to be healthy so that we can live better lives and become better people.

So, as we focus on eating better and exercising more, we shouldn’t forget that, at the end of the day, we should also care for our mind and spirit so that we can achieve bigger things.

Truth is, food is just our secondary source of energy.  Our primary sources of energy are the following: healthy relationships, inspiring work, regular and enjoyable physical activity, and a meaningful spiritual practice.  We should always try to achieve a balance among all these things to become better.


So, now that you’re eating cleaner and exercising more, how can you nurture your spirit?  Here are some ways:

  1. Commune with nature.  Spend more time outdoors and feel connected to the grass upon your feet and the vast sky above you.  Try running the trails instead of the road this weekend.
  2. Slow down.  We’re often stuck in the rat race in the city burdened with deadlines and overscheduled with meetings.  Take some time out each day to slow down and gather yourself.
  3. Meditate every morning.  Start each day with a few minutes of meditation.  You’ll be surprised at how this brief activity can change the next 24 hours.
  4. Pray.  For many, prayer is one of the best ways to connect to God and find a deeper meaning in their daily lives.
  5. Try yoga. Yoga teaches techniques that exercise the body, mind, and spirit.  They say that the lessons of flexibility, patience, mental alertness that you learn on the mat spills off to the rest of your life as well.
  6. Be grateful.  Instead of complaining about the traffic or your boss, take note of the many little good things that occur during each day.  Also take the time out to be thankful for what and who you have around you that you may sometimes take for granted.

Try this out this week and see how it can change your mindset about diet, exercise, and your life.

If you want to join me and others on our TBR Clean and Mean Routine for 2014, just do this:

Post a comment on TBR FACEBOOK PAGE that you commit to practicing the tip for the next 7 days.  If you don’t have FB, you can post your comment on this blogpost.

Watch out for our weekly TBR Clean & Mean Routine tip every Monday. I will ask you to post a comment on each of those weekly tips until February 24.

Throughout the week, feel free to chat and converse with others in the TBR FB Page who are trying to apply the weekly tips in their lives.

By the first week of March, I will ask you to submit a story on how this plan worked for you and what changes you saw in your life. The most compelling and interesting submission will win a pair of running shoes from me.

Let me know how this week goes for you!  See you next Monday!

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Tip 4: Anything in Moderation.