Gifts for Running Moms

Friday, 10 May 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

Happy Mother’s Day! Below are some of my favorite running products which make great gifts for your running mommy:

1. NIKE FREE – The Nike Free 5.0 offers runners increased foot strength and a barefoot-like feel.  Key features of this shoe include Nike Flywire technology which delivers a dynamic, glove-like fit, and lightweight mesh providing optimal ventilation, articulated flex grooves along the length and width of the midsole to enhance flexibility and help maintain stability and 8mm midsole offset. This shoe is perfect for running and walking! Available at Nike stores. Php 5,295.


2. SKORA – Recognized as the crème de la crème of running shoes with its use of premium leather materials and unparalleled fit which created a new category of the ‘luxury’ running shoe. Skora running shoes are meant for both the serious athlete looking for a shoe that provides the closest experience to running barefoot, and for the novice looking to get re-acquainted with the natural running style uninhibited by excess material. Available at Runnr stores. Prices vary depending on model from P4,500 to P7,500.


3. OTTERBOX ARMOR SERIES – The OtterBox Armor Series case brings protection against water, drops, dust and crushing force. Metal latches, o-ring seal, port covers and mesh coverings keep water out and allow the Armor Series case to be completely waterproof. Available at Otterbox kiosks. P4,900.


4. YURBUDS INPSIRE FOR WOMEN – Designed as true sport equipment, yurbuds are sweat proof, water resistant and allow ambient noise, such as passing cars, to be heard. Inspire for Women is the newest addition to the growing yurbuds collection. It is designed specifically to fit smaller ears and features all of the classic yurbuds qualities including sweat and water resistant design, FlexSoft™ comfort fit, TwistLock™ Technology and ambient noise awareness. Women can train in color with the new Inspire for Women, choosing from six options – aqua, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange. Available at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, RUNNR, Urban Athletics, MOVE, Brooks, and PowerMac Center. P1,500.


5. SPIBELTOriginal SPIbelt is sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. Hold an iPhone tm, Droid tm, keys, energy gels, and other small personal items. Spi Belt does not bounce, ride or shift while on the go, and is the perfect running companion. Fits waist sizes 24”to 40”. Splash Underwater Imaging, Inc
Level B, Store # 2003 Shoppesville Arcade. P990 to P1,450.

2Original Spibelt black body w colored zip

6. BOBBLE – Combining elegance with health-giving benefits, bobble is a chic, reusable drinking bottle, designed by renowned industrial artist Karim Rashid. It is eco-friendly with unique, replaceable carbon filter which purifies potable water even further by eliminating chlorine and organic contaminants for a fresher and crisper clean drinking water. P695 (1000ml), P595 (550ml), and P495 (375ml). Filters – P345. or

Bobble bottles 500ml_low

7. HALO HEADBAND – Halo Headbands are made from a lightweight, comfortable Dryline fabric and a Sweat Block Seal to direct sweat away from the front of your face and off to the side of your head.  Available at Runnr.  Currently at 15% off at Runnr for Mom’s Day.


7 Products This Running Mom Loves

Tuesday, 10 May 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

In the spirit of Mother’s Day last Sunday, I thought of sharing some products that I love…

(1) RUN LIKE A MOTHER: A friend brought this home for me as pasalubong from a trip abroad. I initially thought it would be a typical book on recreational moms who happen to run.  I was wrong. It’s a witty and engaging book written by serious runners who happen to be moms and how they successfully balance everything on their plate.  I’m just halfway through the book but I can completely relate!


(2) CUSHE SLIPPERS: I bought this pair of slippers last week in Trinoma after giving a running talk. I usually use Havaianas after a run or swim (and I probably still will for convenience), but this is another option for a more unique and feminine look. Love how the toe slips in between the two straps.  And, did I tell you how comfortable they are?!  Perfect after a long run.  Cushe must mean cushy.


(3) MESSY BESSY SPORTS SPRAY: My good friend Krie Lopez manufactures Messy Bessy. She gave me this for Christmas and I just love it. You know how your sweaty running clothes inevitably makes everything else around it smell like sweat—the car, your gym bag, and even your bathroom. Spray this and the odor goes away completely!


(4) COLUMBIA CHASKI SANDAL: When Columbia gave me this last year, I had a tough time choosing among the colors. Don’t let the cute, playful colors fool you. This sandal was inspired by the ancient Messenger in the Inca Empire called Chaski, who were highly trained runners. Admittedly, I wouldn’t run in them, but I use them for the beach or grocery. Columbia says it’s the ultimate outdoor sandal.


(5) GOODY STAY PUT: I’m a huge fan of Goody’s Stay Put line. But, for the past years, I’ve always stuck to the plain back bands. Couple of weeks ago, I bought this colored set from Runnr. Makes summer running even more fun! And, they’re not so hard to find in my black hole of a gym bag.


(6) NIKE FREE RUN+ 2: I know, I know. I’ve written about this before. But, I can’t help it. This is the ultimate running shoe slash everything else shoe for me. And no, I’m not a Nike endorser. (The shoe in the photo below is the newest model for Women.)


(7) NATHAN HYDRATION BELTS: Check out these colors! I used to be a big Amphipod fan, but after trying Nathan, I switched brands. What I like most about Nathan are the elasticized belts that don’t shift up and down like other brands. I’ll post more detailed product reviews on these two products (and the handheld which is what I use the most) soon.


Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all running mommies! It’s not too late to ask for gifts, you know?