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March 2008 Archive

  • Mizuno Race Results

    For Mizuno Infinity Run race results, click here. I spent over 10 minutes searching for my name only to find out that I’m #256, nameless, and a male.  Just perfect since my time was terrible anyway. It’s actually 32.17 here—slightly faster than my Garmin time! Congratulation to my running buddy, Annie Agoncillo, for coming in [...]

  • Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 2

    Last night, I checked this blog to find quite a number of negative comments regarding the organization of the Mizuno race—from registration to the lack of water stations—and with a range of emotions from simply disappointed to infuriated. Personally, I was oblivious to the water problem as I didn’t feel the need to stop at [...]

  • Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 1

    I arrived at the Mizuno Infinity Run at the Fort at around 6:15 am. Just in time to make a quick stop at the portalet (to see poop staring back at me from the hole! Blech!), teach hubby how my Nike kit worked, and do some (but certainly not enough) warm ups and stretching before [...]

  • One Day til Mizuno Infinity Run

    It’s Mizuno’s Infinity Run tomorrow. And, unlike past races, I am completely unprepared. I signed up for 5k tomorrow (the longest distance I’ve ran for the past two months as proven in my expanding waistline) and I laugh at myself for feeling all jittery just thinking about it. Will my knee cooperate? Will I have [...]

  • Spenco In My Step

    For the past two weeks now, I have enjoyed every bit of all my short runs sans the pain. What has made all the difference? Nope, it wasn’t Dr. Pribut’s ultra conservative recovery program (I heard knee clicks and experienced soreness even with the gradual progression from walking to running) nor my self-discipline, patience, or [...]