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February 2011 Archive

  • Tiger Tail

    I’m quite picky when it comes to my running gear.  It’s either I love the product, use it, and tell every running soul about it, or it gets stuck in a storage bin to never see the light of day.  This new piece of equipment, sent to me by Chris Sports, has found its rightful [...]

  • Go Rics!

    Rico, Rics, or RicoV is one of my closest guy friends since highschool. During our teenage years, I used to talk to him almost every night. We would talk about everything that mattered: crushes (more of his!), homework, friends, songs, and, of course, Euphoria and Faces. Yes, that was what highschool life was all about, [...]

  • Dirt Fest 2

    If I wasn’t running (literally) all over the place this weekend—30km Bull Session on Saturday and a 10k Edsa Run on Sunday, to be exact—I would’ve given this trail run, Dirt Fest 2, a shot. Check it out if you’re available:

  • Bull Session 4: Longest Run before the Big Day!

    The week of FEB 21 to 27, 2011 is a major week for TBR Dream Marathon runners.  Check out what Coach Jim Lafferty wrote in our TBR Dream Marathon training program… On the Saturday of that week, February 26, 2011, we will be running BULL SESSION 4: our longest run before the big marathon day [...]

  • TBR Dream Volunteers

    In 2010, when we planned for TBR Dream Marathon, the essence of the race was built on community, on paying-it-forward, on giving back to running just as much as running had given us. We knew we couldn’t do it alone and we hoped that the entire community of runners—first- and second-time marathoners committing to train [...]