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Tagged ‘Adidas’

  • Shoe Review: Adizero Adios Boost

    I received the Adizero Adios Boost from adidas’ Adrien Semblat a week before I was to bid Manila “adios” (ack, I’m so corny) for Tokyo Marathon.  I was itching to road test them, but I didn’t want to experiment with shoes before a marathon and, when I came home with discomfort in my knee, I [...]

  • New adidas Energy Boost Colorways

    Remember the limited black adidas Energy BOOST I wrote about last year? adidas has gone a long way since then with Energy Boost. Just last month, they unveiled new Energy BOOST colorways. Just to tell you about how Energy BOOST started, adidas and partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, developed BOOST foam cushioning that returns [...]

  • New Shoe: adiZero Primeknit 2.0 in More Colors

    My first thought when I heard about adiZero Primeknit: adidas has Primeknit?! They’re already releasing more colorways when I hadn’t even seen the shoe?! My second thought: Are knitted uppers the new fad in running shoes now? Give me a month or two and I could probably knit myself a shoe too!  I kid.  Anyway, [...]

  • Top 10 Rainy Day Running Gear

    For us runners, we will run come hell or high water (okay, maybe not too high for flood water!) This would mean that many of us (this writer included) run despite heavy rains that slam on the roads.  As long as our safety isn’t compromised, a long run under the rain can turn you into [...]

  • 10 Reasons Why Every Student Should Run

    Are you a student in your teens or older? If you’re nodding your head right now, then this article is for YOU. If you are only wishing you were in your teens and you currently have a relative—your child, nephew/niece, godchild, or, heck, grandchild—then do them a favor and forward this article to them. Most [...]