Product Review: Kinesio Tex Gold & Muscle Tape

Tuesday, 12 October 2010  |  Bullish Insights

A couple of years ago, when I was often troubled by injuries, the therapist at Dr. Canlas’ clinic taped me up and I learned about Kinesio Taping. I wrote about it HERE.

Fortunately, through the years, I’ve wisened up (at least I’d like to think so) and with preventive care and management, I’ve managed to avoid getting injured again.

But, last week, I felt my ITB tightening up…again. There is only one word to describe how I felt last week: STRESSED.

I practiced caution and did all I could last week to nip this injury in the bud. First thing I did was to tape myself.

According to, “Kinesio Taping gives support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It is also used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and to treat pain.”

As in the past, kinesio taping always works for me. I can honestly say it helps to relieve the tightness or the occasional soreness I get on my left knee/ ITB. As I type this, my left ITB is taped up.


The past few months, I learned that there are several brands of tapes in the market, such as Kinesio Tex, KT Tape, and Muscle Tape. I had the pleasure of meeting the people behind MUSCLE TAPE and KINESIO TEX.


The local distributor of Muscle Tape, Riel Banaria, and I met a few months back. He was kind enough to give me a box of colorful samples and pre-cut samples for the knee, neck, and other key areas of injury.

– Muscle Tape –

– Pre Cut Muscle Tape for easy application –

According to Riel, Muscle Tape® is a “non-restrictive, elastic taping material which supports and normalizes the muscle function to provide improved joint stability. MUSCLE TAPE ® is designed to ensure muscles have free range of motion.”


I also met with Sanjo Gudalpas, the local distributor of Kineso Tex, and Jay Lopez, a licensed occupational therapist. They gave me a sample of Kinesio Tex Gold and we hopped on over to Runnr where Jay demonstrated how to apply the tape on my leg.

– Kinesio Tex Gold –

– Jay demos Kinesio Taping for common runners’ problems: ITB and Runner’s Knee –

Jay explained that Kinesio® Taping alleviates pain by lifting the skin. Pressure and irritation are taken off the neural and sensory receptors of the taped area of our body, which results in reduction of pain.

– all taped up! –

– the finished product –

– we bumped into Coach Rio who was coincidentally feeling some back pain. He got taped too! –

According to its website, Kinesio® Tex Gold is the authentic tape product made exclusively for the Kinesio Taping® Method and designed and authorized by Dr. Kenzo Kase himself (founder of the Kinesio Taping Method).

It is used to re-educate the neuromuscular system, prevent injury, alleviate pain, enhance performance and promote improved circulation and healing.


After testing both products, here’s what I observed:

Muscle Tape

– effective, definitely helps loosen up tight muscles
– offers pre-cut packages with clear directions on how to apply for specific injuries
– comes in a variety of colors – beige, pink, blue
– cheaper than Kinesio Tex

– comes off easily – While these tapes are said to come off in 3 to 4 days. Muscle Tape slowly peels off in one day. The edges of the tape gradually unravel and fray, which is inconvenient especially if it starts sticking to your pants or shorts.
– leaves a residue – When pulled off your skin, it leaves a residue which can easily be removed with baby oil

Kinesio Tex

– effective – Compared with Muscle Tape, I thought the quality of the tape was much better. I felt like this tape was stronger and tugged a bit tighter on the skin.
– adhered to the skin well lasting for over 2 days without fraying
– no sticky residue upon removal
– they recommend that a certified Kinesio Tape practitioner tape you to ensure that it is done properly
– comes in beige, pink, blue and black

– more expensive than Muscle Tape

The Verdict

My personal choice would be Kinesio Tex Gold for its effectiveness, high-quality, and durability. But, if you’re on a tight budget, Muscle Tape will still be effective without burning a hole in your pocket.


Experts are still undecided about the real benefits of Kinesio Taping. I know Dr. Canlas uses Muscle Tape in his clinic. Coach Jim Saret says there is no scientific evidence to prove it works.

For me, I know it’s been effective so I continue to use it and recommend it to injured friends. Should you decide to try taping, it’s best to consult a doctor or have a licensed therapist show you how it’s done.


Kinesio Tex Gold – P950.  Available at Tobys Sports and Hobbies, Runner, Intercare Clinics, Cancio Chiroparactic Clinic and other dealers nationwide.

Muscle Tape – Precuts – P120 | Rolls – P630. Available at Runnr, all Tobys Sports, all Chris Sports, Landmark Department Storem Juego Sports and Sports Hub.


Download the following PDF files by clicking below:

About Kinesio Taping
Muscle Tape Product Description
Muscle Tape FAQ

2nd Wave of Registration for TBR Dream Marathon

Wednesday, 6 October 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Could it be you?

If you were one of those who attempted to reserve a slot for TBR Dream Marathon and failed to make it to the Top 400, this may just be your 2nd chance to grab a slot for TBR Dream Marathon 2011.  We have a little less than 50 remaining slots to be filled for our special race.

Are you ready?  Click HERE to download the list of runners who will be allowed to register for TBR Dream Marathon 2011. (File updated: Oct 7, 630am)

If your name is on the list, you will be allowed to register for the race. Registration details below:

  • Registration Date: Sunday, October 10, 2010. 1 day only!
  • Time: 12 noon to 6 pm
  • Venue: 2/F ROX, Bonifacio High Street
  • Registration Fee: P 1,800
  • For inquiries, contact Angela at 0908 756 8859.
  • If you cannot make it, you may send a representative. Email a 2×2 photo to


We have a little over a week until Day One of our training (October 18, 2010)!

  • TBRDM E-NEWS: Within the next few days, you will receive an invitation to join the TBR Dream Marathon E-group, please confirm your subscription.  (To those who asked, yes, after confirmation, the link leads you to  Don’t worry, you’re in!) After confirmation, you will receive Coach Jim Lafferty’s 22-week Training Program.  This will be our primary way of communicating with you from October up until race day on March 20, 2011.
  • BULL CIRCLE 1: THE MARATHON DREAM: Mark your calendars for our 1st BULL CIRCLE (free running talk) entitled “THE MARATHON DREAM” on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2010, 6:30pm at Bonifacio Global City.  Exact venue and speakers to be announced on a separate post.  This is open to the public.

Help Me Help Kids

Monday, 4 October 2010  |  Bullish Insights

New York City Marathon was my dream race ever since I started running seriously. When I wrote the ABOUT page on this little blog over 3 years ago that NYC Marathon was on the top of my wish list of races, it was a distant and impossible dream. Now, as race day draws near, I constantly have to pinch myself to make sure it’s all for real.

That dream used to be all about running. My training. My goals.

It was even about visiting New York. Taking in all the city had to offer. It’s energy, art, and culture.

But, after meeting Rina Lopez-Bautista, New York took on another meaning. A deeper one. Now, it is also about helping kids.


Through Rina’s Knowledge Channel, I’ve been given an opportunity to help raise funds for the Knowledge Channel’s Karunungan 2010 Fund and reach “42-for-42”. For every kilometer that I will run, I can accept pledges from friends, family, and even strangers with a good heart.  If you would donate $1 for every kilometer I run in New York, I can collect $42 for the entire marathon. The $42 (around Php 1,850) will help Knowledge Channel provide and widen access to quality educational media in the country.

with Rina
– with Rina and her son, Daniel, at Knowledge Channel’s New York Runners Acquaintance Night which I came terribly late for 🙁 –

Interested in helping? Please pledge donations for my ING New York City Marathon run at or

Click HERE to go straight to the PLEDGE FORM.

Thank you in advance for your generosity! This will go a long way in helping children become finishers of their own race.

2nd TBR Dream Marathon: Register Now

Thursday, 16 September 2010  |  Bullish Insights


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: Registration for 2nd TBR Dream Marathon is Now Open!

TBR Dream Marathon is a one-of-a-kind small and intimate marathon especially designed for first time marathoners. From the moment you register for the race, we will guide you towards training properly and wisely until you run all 42.195 kms of your first marathon and cross the finish line. It is an experience that will change your life and one you will forever cherish.

Race Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011
Training Period: October 18, 2010 to March 19, 2011
Race Venue: NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Slots: 400 first or 2nd time marathoners only
Distance: 42km
Race fee: P1,800

Partner: NUVALI
Presented by: New Balance
In Cooperation with: Gatorade, Secondwind Running Store
Supported by: Hammer Nutrition
Registration Center: R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street
Logistics Partner: Creative Juice


1. MADE FOR FIRST-TIME MARATHONERS. We have 400 slots reserved for runners attempting to complete their first marathon. This race was made for the beginner from proper education to full support on race day. Race cut-off is 8 hours. No prizes will be given to top finishers because everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.


2. TBR DREAM MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAM BY COACH JIM LAFFERTY. To help you train properly, you will receive a 22-week Training Program developed by Coach Jim Lafferty, retired P&G General Manager, finisher of 23 marathons, coach of multiple US national team members, and TBR Dream Marathon’s race director.  Should you have any questions, he is just an email away.

3. BULL SESSIONS (LONG RUNS). While most of the runs will be done on your own, once a month all participants will be invited to a Bull Session: long group runs together led by the Pinoy Ultra Runners. This will neither be a race nor speedwork; it will be easy, conversational-pace runs together.  We’ll even have a practice run on the actual race course as the race draws near. By the time marathon day comes, most runners along the course will be familiar faces—or better yet, good friends!


4. BULL CIRCLE (TALKS). Once a month, participants will be invited to talks by running experts specifically chosen by TBR because of their knowledge and competency in a particular field.

5. PERSONAL AND INTIMATE MARATHON EXPERIENCE. Due to the small number of participants, we can and will treat each one of you as if you were the only runner in the marathon. We will provide more than enough water, Gatorade, fruits, chocolates, sponges, and ice. Even our marshals and volunteers will treat you like friends.

6. SAFE & SCENIC ROUTE. Our course is in NUVALI, the new prestigious 1,700 hectare development of Ayala Land south of Manila. You can enjoy the fresh air as you run on a course with limited vehicular traffic. You’ll marvel at the scenic views of Mt. Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and Tagaytay Ridge during the marathon.

7. “DREAM CHASERS.” Experienced marathoners and volunteers—handpicked and screened by the race organizers—will be on standby at various points in the race.  At any time a runner requests for help, the “Dream Chaser” will happily run a few kilometers with the marathoner to provide hydration, gels, food, or even silly jokes.


8. CHEERING ZONES. Solenad, a cluster of restaurants within Nuvali, will be designated as a cheering zone.  The route will have runners run through the Solenad dining area twice.  You can literally grab a pizza or cold drink from your family’s dining table.  At the same time, they can give you a hug or cheer wildly for you.  Surely the best way to reenergize when the going gets tough!

9. “DREAM MOBILE.” One bus will travel along the route during the race.  Family and friends of runners can hop on the bus (with their banners, flags, and bells in hand) to cheer for their runner when they spot them along the route. (Go Daddy Go!)

10. “SECOND WIND ZONE.” The last few kilometers is the hardest portion of any marathon. At this point, Team Secondwind will provide free hydration, food and of course, support to make the toughest part of the race a little bit easier and give runners their second wind as they run towards the finish line.

11. FAMILY ACTIVITIES. While they wait for the runners, families and friends can dine at Solenad, a row of restaurants such as Italianni’s, Conti’s, and Yellow Cab, that will be open for breakfas. They can opt to bring food and have a picnic or rent bikes.  Kids will get a thrill from feeding over 800 koi fish or ride boats on the lake.

12. ENTERTAINMENT. We’ll have entertainment for runners along the route and for family and friends.

13. PERKS & FREEBIES. You don’t just get what you pay for, but you get MORE such as automatic inclusion in TBR Dream Marathon e-Newsletter for regular updates on our group activities, PDF souvenir program featuring all the marathoners in the race and goodies from sponsors that should make your registration fee worth every cent.

14. COMMUNITY AFFAIR. People around you will fully support you as you complete your first marathon.  Family and friends can witness you as you run along the route. The TBR Dream Team and experienced runners will help you along the way.  Volunteers and spectators will cheer for you.  The entire community will be one to help YOU achieve your dream.


15. HELP ORPHANED CHILDREN. Part of race proceeds will go to HERO (Help Educate and Rear Orphans) Foundation.  HERO foundation provides educational stipend support to children of soldiers who are killed-in-action or are permanently incapacitated in battle defending our democracy and preserving peace and order. Learn more about it HERE.


Sign up for RESERVATION online. Click on the link below to RESERVE A SLOT for TBR Dream Marathon 2011 on March 20, 2011.


  • The race is open to 400 FIRST- or SECOND-TIME MARATHONERS. First-timers will be given priority.  Second-time marathoners may reserve a slot but will be on wait-list and will gain entry only after 300 slots for first-time marathoners are filled.
  • We follow a strict first come, first served rule.
  • Please note that reservation does not mean immediate acceptance into TBR Dream Marathon.
  • We expect honesty and full transparency in your submission. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify a participant.
  • When slots are full, registration details will be provided on and will be emailed to RESERVED RUNNERS. Failure to appear during the registration period will mean automatic forfeiture of reserved slot.
  • Organizer will not answer any queries or requests to be enlisted.  One can only RESERVE through the link above.

Good luck! We cannot wait to meet TBR Dreamers Batch 2011! It’s time to LIVE YOUR DREAM!



  1. I never ran a day in my life, can I sign up for TBR Dream Marathon? Yes. Our 22-week program is beginner friendly. We start with 2 weeks of walking to gradually introduce running. The rest of the program is based on a run-walk program. We will all use this during the training period.
  2. Do we run together during the entire 22-weeks leading up to the marathon? No. We will meet once a month for the next 6 months for our Bull Sessions where we will run together. For other training days, we expect you to do your homework on your own. While this is a beginners’ marathon, we will not baby you. We do commit to guide you and provide all the support you need to make this one of the most memorable experiences of your life.
  3. How do we know we are training properly? We have gathered the best experts in the field to give you much needed information on training for the marathon during our Bull Circles, free running talks covering topics that will prepare you for the marathon. TBR Dream Team will also be there for you.  Our race director and coach, Jim Lafferty, will answer your queries via email and he responds promptly. Neville Manaois, Edward Kho, Atty. Raymund Martelino, and I, together with three new members of our team, Lit Onrubia, Jun Cruz, and my hubby, Miguel Pizarro, will support you all the way.
  4. I’m from the province, can I join? Yes. If you manage to reserve a slot, please email us details regarding your situation.  We will allow you to send your payment and forms as long as you can make it to race day.
  5. I signed up for a 42k before but did not finish it, can I still join? Yes. As long as you never crossed the finish line of a 42km, then you may join.
  6. I finished two marathon already, but I want to join your race.  Can I still join? No. The race is exclusively for first- and second-time marathoners. We encourage you, however, to volunteer as a Dream Chaser, pacer, or cheerer.  This is your chance to pay it forward to other runners.  Registration for Dream Chasers and volunteers will be announced here.

NYC Runners: Let’s Meet…and Help!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010  |  Bullish Insights

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting RINA LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, the remarkable, selfless woman behind Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. It was only a few days before our meeting that I learned she’s a runner.  And, not only that, she’ll be running NYC Marathon, too.

– Rina with some of the kids that Knowledge Channel Foundation has helped –

Over lunch, I learned about her wonderful idea for all of us NYC Marathoners to get together and use our run for a worthy cause.  Her idea:

42-for-42 Donations
NYC Runners will be encouraged to help provide the Gift of Knowledge to thousands of poor and marginalized public school students across the country. They simply have to ask friends and supporters to donate $42 for every kilometer they reach as they attempt to finish all 42 kilometers. The total amount that a runner generates will be contributed to the Karunungan 2010 Fund that will help produce much-needed instructional shows in English, Science and Math with virtual Expert Teachers on Air. Sponsorships for other Knowledge Channel Packages such as cable-a-school are also encouraged.

Even before I finished my meal, I committed my full support.  (I think many of you know that I am a part of iamNinoy Runners Group, which works for the same cause: education for kids. It’s a cause close to my heart.)  As I headed home, I thought it was fantastic that one person—a female runner at that—could unite our efforts to do some good.  See what just one person can do!

– Educational programs provide quality education for schools in remote areas –

– Kids of Avocado Elementary school get much needed support from KCFI –

So, calling all runners registered for the NYC Marathon, Knowledge Channel invites you to an acquaintance night:

WHO: Registered participants of NYC Marathon on November 7, 2010
WHEN: Thursday, 30 September, 2010 | 6:30 pm
WHERE: Palm Grove, Rockwell Club

The gathering will provide an opportunity for us NYC runners to meet each other. (Yahoo, this should be fun!)  KCFI will also explain to us how we can help with the 42-for-42 project. This is in line with KCFI’s Run for Knowledge campaign: KaRUNungan 2010.

To confirm your attendance, please email, text, or call:

Phone: 910-2031
Mobile: 0917-8348843

Send Dittie the following information: (This is only to gather our contact info and does not entail any commitment on your part. Info will not be used for any other purpose.)

  • Complete name; Nickname/Alias
  • Contact details: Landline number, mobile number, email address
  • NYC Marathon entry number

Dittie will then send you e-invites for the event.

I look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on Knowledge Channel and it’s KaRUNungan 2010 Campaign