And the 1st TBR Race Winner is…

Tuesday, 12 August 2008  |  News + Promos

Thank you to all those who participated in the 1st TBR Race!  Phew, that was a fast one.  I hope you were all satisfied with the efficient virtual marshalls and the loads of imaginary sports gel, sports beans, chocolates, and mineral water that filled our water stations.  You know me, when I organize a race, I pull out all the stops!

Now, on to business…

My favorite comment was by LevyAng:

“Running is better than sex because i’m still a virgin, hahahaha”

Levy, I laughed out loud when I read this one.  How many kids do you have already?!

But, levy’s comment didn’t make it to the top 20.  So, I chose Marv’s comment as my 2nd favorite:

“Running is better than work because I can’t fall asleep while doing it.”

Marvs, work must suck for you.  I hope your boss isn’t reading this!

So, out of 24 strips of paper (1st 20 commenters + 4 additional entries for Marvs), my little Bull Runner chose one name from the lot.  

And the winner is: (drumroll please)


Lisa said that “Running is better than sex because you can do it by yourself and you can go on for hours.”

Congratulations Lisa!  You just won 1 Nike+ SportsBand!  I’ll email you details on how to claim the prize.

So folks, that’s how the game is played.  If there’s one thing I learned from this race, it’s that a lot of runners think that running is better than sex.  Is that true for the rest of you? 🙂

See you at the next race!



The 1st Nike+ SportBand goes to LISA!

TBR Race No. 1

Tuesday, 12 August 2008  |  News + Promos


Let the race begin!  

Be among the first 20 commenters in this post and get a chance to win the 1st of 5 Nike+ SportsBands from TBR.  Give me an answer that will make me laugh, cry, or furious and you increase your chances of winning.  Click here for detailed race rules.

* Please note that your comment won’t appear instantly since I moderate comments.  Fret not, I promise not to delete any comments.

Fill in the blanks in this sentence and post in the comments section below…

RUNNING IS BETTER THAN ______________ BECAUSE ___________________________________.

Good luck to all participants!

Win a Nike+ SportBand – TBR “Race” Details

Monday, 11 August 2008  |  News + Promos


TBR is all set to launch the TBR “Race” series, wherein the winner of each race will be awarded with his/her very own Nike+ SportBand (retail price of P3,195).  


The races will not be actual races (uhm, I don’t have the budget for that), but they will be held on this blog.  You must be fit and fast (actually, only your fingers have to be in tip-top shape) to compete in these races.  Only the top 20 commenters will be eligible to win the prizes.   


  1. TBR will post a fill-in-the-blank sentence (Ex.: My name is _______.)
  2. Runners will fill in the blank and post it in the comments section below (Ex. My name is The Bull Runner.) 
  3. The first 20 runners to post their answers will be eligible to win the raffle for the Nike+ SportBand and discount coupons. 
  4. TBR’s favorite answer (for its humor, creativity, or wit) will receive 4 additional raffle entries regardless of its place in the race.  In other words, that commenter, even if he/she didn’t make it to the Top 20, will automatically be included in the race raffle and gain 4 additional entries.
  5. Race participants may only submit one answer per race.  Runner who submits more than once in one race will automatically be disqualified.  No cheaters allowed here.
  6. Race participants may only win once.  
  7. Raffle will be done under the supervision of a TBR Representative, specifically my little Bull Runners. 
  8. Winners must claim their prizes.  I will not deliver them to you.  Duh.
  9. Runners who join the TBR race must have real and serious intentions of participating in the Nike+ Human Race on 08.31.08 and currently do not have the Nike+ Kit or SportBand.  If you don’t plan to join the Nike+ Human Race, please step aside and give other runners a chance.
  10. TBR reserves the right to change race rules anytime during the course of these races.  


Exact time and date of TBR races will NOT be announced.  I may post more than one race in a day.  Or none at all in 2 days.  I may wake up at 5 a.m.—just like in a real race—to fire the gun and see all participants run off towards the finish.  

Here are the only details I’ll give:

Race No. 1: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 2: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 3: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 4: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 5: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 6: 10 winners of 20% discount coupon for Nike+ SportBand 

I’ll be posting the 1st race soon.  Lace up your virtual shoes and get ready!

Virtual Training Run No. 6

Monday, 28 July 2008  |  News + Promos

It’s back.  The Virtual Training Run that a few of us crazies so happily took part in last year.  (Search for “Virtual Run” in my archives if you want to read V-Runs 1 through 5).  Now, the headmaster of our V-runs, E-rod, is back from hibernation and is raring to go again.  

This is how it works:

Runners separated by geography do a training run “together” wherever they may be in the world. We set a distance (more or less) and meet at a specific time, so 6:00 am Manila time makes it 6:00pm US East Coast a day before.

DATE: 30 July 2008, Wednesday (Manila time)
TIME: 6:00 A.M. (Manila time)
DISTANCE: 10 km/6 miles (or whatever you wish)

The following are past participants and most of them have already committed to joining us. After the training session, each participant writes a quick recap of the session so that each of us benefits from this collective effort. If you don’t have a blog, fret not, just comment on one of our blogs about your experience.

  1. E-rod – Newport Beach, USA/Freeport, Bahamas
  2. HitMe – Quezon City, Philippines
  3. Banggi – Makati, Philippines/Saigon, Viet Nam
  4. Ben – Manila to Makati, Philippines
  5. Renz – Metro Manila, Philippines
  6. Marga – Parañaque, Philippines
  7. Caloy – Davao, Philippines
  8. TRF – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  9. Gretchen – Truckee, USA
  10. Rick – San Francisco, USA
  11. Nora – Kent County, UK
  12. Steph – San Diego/New York, USA
  13. Runningmom – Philippines
  14. Doc Oknoy – Philippines
  15. Bartlby – Philippines
  16. DATC – Alabang, Philippines
  17. Jinoe – Philippines
  18. Bobby – Philippines
  19. Caloy – Philippines
  20. TBR – Paranaque, Philippines

So what are you waiting for? Lace up those shoes and come join us.  Comment on this post with your city/country to let us know you want in.  

*If you have an injury that keeps you from running, participate by cycling, swimming, blading or anything that involves self-propelled constant motion.

Trail Running for Newbies

Saturday, 12 April 2008  |  News + Promos

I was at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street this afternoon drooling over the bikes with the hubby and kids when I chanced upon this flyer by the counter:


An Introductory Clinic to Trail Running

April 16, 7 to 9pm
Clinic at R.O.X.

April 19, 6am to 1pm
Run at La Mesa EcoPark

Learn the science of Trail Running and discover a new world of running outdoors!

– clinic fee
– transportation
– breakfast
– park fee

Ige Lopez

For more info:

Register now at R.O.X.
Tel. no. 856-4638 to 39


I was never interested in trail running. I disliked my first and perhaps last experience with mountain climbing a decade ago (my, am I that old?)—the mud, rocks, and bugs just didn’t catch my fancy. And, I don’t like getting my running shoes dirty. But, for some reason, I’m actually open to giving Trail Running a shot (my guess is it has something to do with my running on the field more often than the road nowadays). I may not join during this coming R.O.X. clinic but some time in the future. Maybe when hubby is willing to accompany me…and when the sun isn’t this intense.

Maybe you would like to try this out. The lady at the counter said 7 runners have registered so far. They are only accepting a maximum of 40. Go for it why don’t you? It sounds like a lot of fun!