Donate Your Old Shoes

Monday, 17 March 2008  |  News + Promos

After observing some runners who were walking or limping during road races due to their old and worn-out running shoes, the Baldrunner thought of donating his old shoes to them.  Soon after, he had an even better idea: to collect old running shoes and distribute these to other deserving runners who cannt afford to purchase new running shoes.

Hats off to you, Baldrunner, for such a great initiative!

If you have running shoes collecting dust at home, why not donate them and put a smile on another Pinoy runner’s face?  Below are the details taken from Baldrunner’s post:

COLLECTION POINT: The office of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc with address at Fire Station, AFP General Headquarters, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City will be the repository of all donated shoes.

CONTACT PERSONS: The following officers with their respective cellphone numbers will be the contact persons of this program and feel free to send them SMS or call them for the details of the program or for personal appointments:

Major Rodrigo Turno PA—0905-900-3658

Captain Ferdie Espejo PA—0917-623-2611

Approriate papers will be prepared as Acceptance Form from the donors as well as Acceptance Form duly signed by the recipient. A formal letter will be sent to the donor as to who received the running shoes he/she donated. This will promote transparency in the inventory and distribution of these items, and in the overall implementation of this program.

DONATION BOOTH AT RACES: A “booth” will be established by the abovementioned officers in every weekend race starting with the Mizuno Infinity Run at The Fort on 30 March 2008 to accept donations and at the same time distribute these shoes to runners sporting old, dilapidated, worn-out, and tattered running shoes.

Women Runners on Inquirer

Tuesday, 4 March 2008  |  News + Promos

Just in time for Women’s Month, Inquirer has a great feature on running women today.

The first article is on Joy Rojas, the first woman to run across the Philippines. Now, she is embarking on a new journey called “Takbong Pangarap” in which she hopes to be the first Filipina to run across the United States covering 50 km a day for around 4 months. Wow.

When I saw her photo in Inquirer, I knew she was the same petite and almost frail-looking girl who I used to see running (or more like flying) around Bel-Air Village way back in my teens.  She hasn’t aged one bit and I’m pretty sure her passion for running has a lot do with it.  She is one strong, fearless and passionate Filipina and I look forward to seeing her achieve her “running dream.”

Another article features the more popular women who run such as Sen. Pia Cayetano, Nina Huang, Leica Carpo, Lulu Tan Gan, Mandy Santos, and Malu Gamboa. Yup, there’s no denying it—more and more women are lacing up and running. Wait till you see us all at Pinay in Action this coming Sunday. Hah!

To read the Joy Rojas article online, click here.

Mizuno Sale

Thursday, 28 February 2008  |  News + Promos

I’m on saving mode right now to prepare for a summer trip with the hubby and kids. So, no uneccessary purchases for me. None.

As for you, go ahead and enjoy the sale. As with past races, I shall be with you in spirit while you shop!


The Pinoy Ultra Runners are Back!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008  |  News + Promos

Last February 9, 2008, the Pinoy Ultra Runners composed of Neville Manaois, Elizabeth Siojo, Olive Cortez, Dani Dematera, Peter Rivera, Jose De Vera, Jocelyn Saw, Andrew Chinalpan and Pen Nepomuceno conquered their 2nd Run For Your Life Ultramarathon. They ran 65 km from Banaue to Sagada in 9 to 10 hours. Congratulations to the team for a successful and safe run. They raised a significant amount of funds for the benefit of Kythe.

According to Neville, they will soon be offering training for runners interested in joining ultramarathons. The team is currently planning for two races this year. For those interested, just wait for future posts here.

To read more about the Sagada-Banawe adventure, read Neville’s blog.

Lucky for us mere mortals who didn’t have the energy to join their run (at least not yet, right?), the Pinoy Ultra Runners have awesome pics to share. Sit back and drool…







Thanks to Nards for the photos. For more photos, click here and here.

Run For Your Life Ultramarathon

Monday, 21 January 2008  |  News + Promos

After the success of their first 100km ultramarathon coinciding with the Milo marathon last year, they are at it again! I do hope you can support this honorable, strong, and fearless group of runners who are running from Banaue to Sagada (phew!) for the benefit of chronically-ill children of the Kythe Foundation.

Click here and here to read about last year’s ultramarathon.

run for your life (email flyer 1)

How to donate:

1) Pledge P500 for every kilometer that the team runs.  Funds will go directly to Kythe Foundation.

2) Donate directly to Kythe Foundation at these receiving areas:

– “Kythe Inc.” BPI Family Bank, east avenue branch, account number 6031-0529-02

– visit any North Face store and donate through Share the Passion Campaign