TBR Sun Life Dream Marathon 2019: Are You In?

Thursday, 26 July 2018  |  Race Announcements

ARE YOU IN? Official list of 1000 Accepted Runners for TBR Sun Life Dream Marathon 2019 is out! Click on the link below to download:

LINK: TBR Sun Life Dream Marathon 2019_20 Aug

Congratulations to you if you made it to Batch 2019!  To secure your slot, you must pay for your race fee following the schedule below.  See below or click on this link.  Unclaimed slots will be opened to Waitlisted Runners by July 30.

To those who didn’t make the cut off, list of Waitlisted runners will be released before Sunday.

Remaining slots will be taken up on a first come, first served basis until 1000 runners are registered.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE  > July 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun) – Only first 1,000 Accepted Runners may register. Online registration opens at 12:01AM on July 28.

> July 30 (Mon) to Aug 5 (Sun) – 1,000 Accepted Runners + Waitlisted Runners may register.  Online registration for Waitlisted Runners opens at 12:00NN on July 30. First come, first served basis until slots run out.

PAYMENT OPTIONS 1-ONLINE Registration via Credit Card (P200 processing fee for credit card transactions)

2- ONSITE Registration at: New Balance Bonifacio High Street near ROX (12nn to 9pm) OR Secondwind Running Store 2F Ayala Mall the 30th, 30 Meralco Ave. Pasig City (12nn to 9pm)


Click here for full details on REGISTRATION.

TBR Sun Life Dream Marathon 2019: Application opens on July 21

Wednesday, 18 July 2018  |  Race Announcements

So, you’ve decided to take the big leap and run your first marathon?!  Online application opens on JULY 21, 2018 AT 12:01PM on the link below!  Be there on time because the 1,000 slots go by fast!  We hope to have you run with us!!!



Save the Date: TBR Sun Life Dream Marathon (10th Anniversary)

Monday, 4 June 2018  |  Race Announcements

Dreaming of your first marathon? Aching to push yourself to the limits? Waiting for that one opportunity to prove to yourself just how strong you truly are? (more…)

I Can See Clearly Now! Thanks to my Kids and Contacts!

Sunday, 27 May 2018  |  Gear + Gadgets

Li’l Miss TBR wearing contacts during a football tournament last year

I had 20/20 vision my entire life until a month before I turned 40.  I took it as a sign of aging.  I was hesitant to wear glasses and, even if it’s been two years now, I’m still inconvenienced by wearing glasses all the time.  Ugh.

On the other hand, my kids, both in their teens, have been wearing glasses early in their childhood.  Last year, it was Li’l Miss TBR that insisted on switching to contacts for her football.  At 13, I was hesitant at starting at such an early age.  We dropped by the mall to consult with an optometrist at an optical shop and they refused to give her contacts.  My daughter left frustrated walking away while showing me an article on google that allowed teens to wear contacts.  With her prodding, I consulted two opthalmologist friends who gave the go signal as long as she was taught proper hygiene in handling the contact lenses and that she only use quality brands.

She got her contacts!  And, soon after, TBR Jr. got his contacts too.  After seeing them free from the glasses, I started to get jealous over their freedom from their glasses! Hah!  It was perfect timing then that Alcon Dailies invited me to know more about their contact lenses which are perfect for people who lead an active life, like their endorser Gretchen Ho, and also active teens, such as the daughter of host Dimples Romana, Callie.

Dimples and Callie Romano and Gretchen Ho

At the event, they taught me how to put contacts on and remove them.  In fact, I wore my first lenses ever during the event!  I didn’t even feel like I was wearing contacts.  It was so comfortable!  Getchen Ho said that she used them during her volleyball tournaments, so I was excited to try mine while running and biking.  (OMG, I can finally see the road clearly while biking!  LOL.)  I didn’t know why I hadn’t done this any sooner, really.  You know what makes the Alcon Dailies even better?  They’re disposable.  Open them in the morning and throw them away at night.  No need to bring a big bottle of solution and eye drops in my office or gym bag.  No need to bring a contact lens case when I travel.  Just bring the packs of Dailies and I’m all set.

TBR Jr. wearing contacts at his first gym session at Fitness First with his Mama Coach lol

As for my teens, there’s a UK study that was discussed during the event that only confirmed what I saw at home.  The study compared teenagers who wore Alcon Dailies contact lenses to those that wore eyeglasses. It showed that Alcon Dailies contact lenses were easy for teenagers to learn to use, even if they have not handled contacts before. After wearing Alcon Dailies contact lenses, teenagers felt safe and comfortable wearing it. Also, teenagers wearing Alcon Dailies contact lenses believed that it was a good way to see well. Authors concluded that aside from improved overall quality of life, the study also showed that Alcon Dailies contact lenses provided several additional advantages for teen first-time wearers.  Aside from considering the move to contact lenses as a rite of passage, teenagers want contact lenses because they want to be free from eyeglasses for social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. They can also benefit from wearing contact lenses for special occasions and activities.

So now, all three of us at home wear contacts and we’re loving it.  If you want to try it too, a 30-piece pack of Alcon Dailies retails for only P1,495.00. It is available at leading optical shops nationwide. If you print the coupon below, you get 20% off two boxes of Alcon Dailies!

Missing the Yamanakako Half Marathon (and Being Fine with It)

Sunday, 27 May 2018  |  Bullish Insights, Family

I was supposed to be running the Yamanakako Half Marathon today. But, the past couple of months, life (plus chronic hip tightness) got in the way so I decided to turn the booked Tokyo trip from a racecation into pure vacation with my son. Three days into the trip and I have no regrets.

Years ago, I would’ve been devastated by this. I always needed a goal race to feel like I was a serious competitive runner.  Having a race provided a target to aim for and gave order to my days with a training program to adhere to.  Without a race, I felt lost. But, I realize now (after over a decade of this lol) that this was so wrong.

Now that I see myself as a lifelong runner, I know that all runners go through the ebbs and flows of running. Sometimes, we focus on a PR race.  Other times, we bump up our running by adding swimming and biking into the mix for a triathlon.  And, other times, we’re just happy to be running 3 to 4 10ks a week along with complementing cross training workouts like weights and yoga (which I where I am right now.) 

Running, and not racing, doesn’t diminish our love for running. This doesn’t make us less competitive. This only proves that we are not defined by running or racing or our PRs.

Be the runner who is passionate about running, but has other interests outside of running.  Be the runner who can talk about running, but can also discuss family, current events, work, and pop culture.  Be the runner who isn’t known as just the runner, but the person (insert name here) who happens to be a runner.

Sometime soon, I shall start training again.  But, for now, I’ll enjoy my short runs while balancing everything else in life.  And, life now is about exploring more of Tokyo and eating more sushi! Life is good!