Pinay In Action ’08

Sunday, 9 March 2008  |  Race Reports

I just thought of a great way to celebrate Women’s Month. Gather a huge group of strong, beautiful, driven, and dynamic women for a race. Tell them to take their husbands, children, friends and other relatives who wish to honor the importance of women in their lives. Maybe set up an expo showcasing health, wellness, beauty, and fitness products especially for women. It will be great! The perfect way for everyone to truly celebrate the strength and spirit of a woman!

Oh, wait a minute. Someone beat me to it. Sen. Pia Cayetano just celebrated the 2nd Pinay In Action this morning. It was the biggest and only all-women’s race in the country. It was definitely a success with over 2,000 participants (according to Mon D.) signing up for the 1.6k, 5k and 10k runs.


– Starting line for 5km runners at around 7:15 am. 10km runners had started earlier a little after 6 am –

I definitely could not miss this race. PIA makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside—like treating myself to a fat-laden Twix bar after a long run without worrying about my thighs—because this was the first ever race I joined last year. After finishing my 1st 5k, I remember telling the hubby “I like this. I could get used to this.” And that perhaps was the birth of The Bull Runner within me.

So, this morning, my son, Anton, and I arrived at NBC Tent a little bit too early for the 1.6km race we signed up for. After warming up and stretching (I told you I am a very good girl now), we waited and waited and waited…


– Please pause in silence to commemorate this special event. It had been way too long since I last pinned a race bib on my singlet so this was a momentous occasion. –


– Anton looks like he just woke up but he’s super excited over his upcoming run –

Perhaps out of boredom (and maybe in an attempt to get a new toy as a reward), Anton told me that he’d like to run the 5k instead which was going to start ahead of the 1.6km. Within the next few minutes, we were off. We ran for the 1st 5 minutes strong and cheerful. I cheered Anton on and he smiled back enjoying every minute. Like a stage mother (or maybe a road mother), I even taught him a few things I picked up from Ige Lopez such as keeping the arms low as if you were striking drums. But, he smartly replied “Mom, you can’t play drums while you’re running!” So, I shut my mouth and just enjoyed the run.

Within the next few minutes, we slowed down to a jog and shortly after we slacked off to a walk. By that time, Anton could hardly talk anymore. His smile had disappeared and was replaced by a blank stare. He was too pooped to even reply to my questions “Do you want to start running again?” or “Isn’t this fun?” or “Are you still breathing?” The only time he spoke again was after he drank a bit of water. By that time, I had decided to just head back and call it a day for his sake.

– 56 bottles of beer on the wall 56 bottles of beer, take one down pass it around, 56 bottles… –

We ended our run at 2.5km. A little bit more than Anton’s initial 1.6km goal and half of his 5km dream. Pretty good for my little boy! After a bit of socializing with Happy Feet friends (Anton was still not talking at this time), we headed home to meet hubby and daughter but not without a stop for a Jollibee kiddie meal as his reward. (Note: Anton gets a real toy if he finishes 5km. Maybe next time, baby!)

PIA wasn’t a PR race for me. But, it ranked high up there as one of the races that I’ll just never forget. See you there next year and the year after that…

– Pinays (and Pinoys) in action –
PIA in Pia08
– Sen. Pia runs towards the 10km finish line –
– Super strong mommy runner doesn’t mind the extra weight –
– Women in unity! Same hair. Same outfit. Same shoes! –
– Best friends? Or mother and daughter? Maybe both –

– My friend Beni (left) and her friends run together with their friend, Mila, who is now a quadraplegic after suffering an embolism during childbirth. –

– with Sen. Pia and Happy Feet –

Condura Race – Part 2

Monday, 3 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

After paparazzi shots of Condura Race from the previous post, here are photos of runners there that I actually know…

Banggi in a state of panic as she searched for friends right after the starting gun was fired –
– Good friend Tricia T. running again after an injury. Her incentive? A brand spankin’ new Garmin from her hubby –

– Babes, a super fast runner friend who I met at Mizuno Running sessions –

Taki, a member of Fort Striders, finished his first marathon at Pasig last week then ran 10k at Condura. Recovery daw! –

Mon, Patrick, Rio, Aljo
– Master Mon, Patrick Concepcion of Condura, Coach Rio, and Aljo –

Patrick, Doc Oknoy, Mon
– Master Runners of Happy Feet: Patrick Concepcion, Doc Oknoy, and Mon Domingo –

Mon, Me, Patrick
Me and my running gurus –

Happy Feet2
– Happy, Happy Feet with two future Aussies. Banggi and Chaia, I shall miss you! –

Happy Feet
– Old and new faces of Happy Feet –

Li’l TBR Turns 7!

Thursday, 28 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Today is a special day. It is the Little Bull Runner’s 7th Birthday today.

Like any mother bull, I am quite amazed at how fast my little baby has grown. Once upon a time, he needed me by his side every waking minute. Now, he is an independent little boy. A little bit on the shy and quiet side just like me when I was young. But, he is smart (ranked 1st in his class for last quarter), creative (loves drawing and art), confident (When I told him his class won in a sports event while he was absent, he innocently replied “How did they win if I wasn’t there?”) and, last but not the least, happy.


– Anton at a football tournament a few weeks back –

Little TBR says that football is the sport for him and we respect that. Lucky for me, he enjoys running too. When I asked him if he wanted to join the Condura Run with me this coming Sunday, he confidently replied “Okay. I’m going to be the fastest kid there.”

The Condura Run would’ve been his 4th race, but the first time that I would be his guardian. During past races, I would run 10k while my hubby would accompany my son at 3k. Due to my injury, I was looking forward to running along with him and enjoying the bonding experience. Secretly, I also planned on subtly training him for future races, to teach him how to warm up properly, to learn to find his pace, and most of all, to enjoy racing as I do. Unfortunately, my little boy had fever all throughout the week and only recovered today. My plan has been shelved—at least temporarily until he fully recovers.

Before I go, you may have noticed that I revised the header that many of you said were too “macho” for prim and proper me (okay, I just added in the last portion of that sentence.) I finally got the go-signal from my creative director, little TBR aka Birthday Boy, who as I’ve mentioned was the one who chose the “mean-looking” bull over the pink one which wore rubber shoes. When I told him that several readers commented that the bull was not “me,” he replied like an artist who must comply with his client’s request, “Fine. Change the bull. Just make sure you don’t use that background with flowers and shoes again.” Then he adds, “Maybe you want to change the color of the rubber shoes or remove it.” I reply with a nod, “Yes, Sir.” Anything Little TBR asks for, he gets—at least on his birthday.

On Cheating

Monday, 25 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have committed a henious crime and I’m ready to pay the price—or perhaps I’m hoping I won’t have to if my dear guardian angel has pity over me.


You see, when no one was looking, I cheated thrice…yes, three times!

Based on my Return to Running Schedule, which I promised to abide by at all cost, I was supposed to only “Walk for 20-40 minutes” five days this week. This is what I did instead:

Monday: Walked 30 mins. – CHECK
Tuesday: Rest (Actually, I was busy with work and the kids)
Wednesday: Walked 35 mins. – CHECK
Thursday: Swimming 2 hours in chilly water, Defrosting 22 hours
Friday: Walk 20 mins., Run 10 mins. – Jumped to Week 3! CHEATED!
Saturday: Rest (Busy, busy with work)
Sunday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!
Monday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!

Am I hurting myself for being impatient and stubborn? Perhaps. Am I happy about running again (albeit at a much slower pace) without feeling any pain and finally breaking a sweat after over a month of extreme bloatedness? Definitely. You couldn’t wipe the smile of my face over the weekend. Sure I missed the Pasig Marathon, but I was reunited with my beloved running so nothing could pull me down.

In fact, I was so elated with the my little triumphs last week that I completely abandoned the gym, yogilates, and the drills my therapist taught me. I know I should be doing all of these to prevent the injuries from recurring, but I guess I was just too excited to hop on the treadmill once again. See, I told you I was bad and I wasn’t exaggerating!

For now, I expect to continue with Week 4 (even when I should technically be on Week 2) and incorporate weights, drills, and swimming back in the sched. While you may be screaming “The woman has no shame nor remorse!”, I am turning a deaf ear and praying that I am doing what I feel is right for my body. Yes, I have cheated and I know I am hurting no one else but myself. And, should my injury rear its ugly head again, I have no one else to blame but my husband—er I mean, myself.

Forgive this bull-headed runner for being just too happy to run again.

2 Days to Pasig Marathon

Monday, 25 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Just two more days till Pasig. As the say in the local vernacular, dalawang tulog na lang! It will be a big day for most Filipino runners, especially those who are running the full 42.195 km.

I will not join the race due to the injury. Initially, I was planning to support Annie, my running buddy who I trained with months ago for this marathon, but I decided otherwise for fear that seeing this super strong athlete suffer in the last 10km might cause me to abandon any future marathon dreams. So, as I’ve told Annie, I will be there in spirit for her and all you runners out there.

To Annie, Patrick, Taki, Baldrunner, Totoy (?) and others who are embarking on the exciting journey of this marathon, good luck! Stay strong and enjoy the ride!

Note:  I posted this on the 22nd and was surprised to find it back in my unpublished drafts.  Hmmph…It was bad enough that I couldn’t join the race and now my blog is playing tricks on me!

The Pasig Marathon is over and Annie finished strong with an unofficial time of 4:07!  Patrick and Taki, how did you do?  Read about Bald Runner’s Pasig experience here.