GNC Run: Test Run for Cebu Ironman 70.3

Thursday, 7 July 2016  |  Running + Triathlon


After Vancouver Marathon, I was quite happy to goal-less for a couple of months until marathon training resumed for the next goal: Florence Marathon in November.  But, before I could even utter the words “off season,” I was invited to join the Sun Life relay team for Cebu Ironman 70.3.

I realized I had less than 2 months to build my speed up again.  Panic mode!  Oh, and I had to heat train! Double panic! (more…)

Fast and Fun Run at Nike+ Run Club

Wednesday, 6 July 2016  |  Running + Triathlon


Last week, I finally learned what the fuss was about over the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) every 7:34PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Nike Park in Bonifacio Global City.  

After a quick sign in with the NRC Pacers (some of whom were familiar faces in the running/ triathlon community), we wasted no time in breaking into groups and getting started.  There was a 3k, 5k, and 10k group at various paces.  I joined the 5:30 min/km pace group for the 3k run because I had already run that morning. (more…)

My 2016 Race Calendar

Tuesday, 29 March 2016  |  Running + Triathlon, Travel + Adventure

Marathons are such a big part of me that I can’t imagine going through life without running one or two in a new city every year.  It’s what keeps me motivated to train even through the hot or tough days; it’s what gets me excited for the months ahead; and, last but not the least, it’s what makes me absolutely happy… next to my kids, of course.

For this year, I’ve finally set my race calendar.  Just thinking about it (especially Florence…aaah!) makes me giddy like a school girl.  Here’s my race calendar for 2017 (excluding local races I’ll run for training):

May 1: Vancouver Marathon (Photo courtesy of


June 12: VIP Swim Challenge 2.5k (Photo courtesy of Betsy Medalla, Swim Junkie)


November 27: Florence Marathon


How about you? Where will you be running this year?

How to Prepare for Your First 21k… or Gatorade Run’s 22k

Friday, 6 November 2015  |  Running + Triathlon


The half marathon is a favored distance among many. For experienced runners, it provides enough of a physical and mental challenge without wearing one down during training or on race day like a marathon. For newer runners, it is the distance that takes one from being a recreational runner into an endurance athlete. A half distance is by no means half of just anything; it’s a full on challenge that should be taken seriously with proper training and preparation.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard that Gatorade will be having its Gatorade Run with 11k and 22k. I hear Gatorade is preparing a lot of surprises for us runners in the last kilometer of the run. Now, if you truly want to be alive enough to experience all that as you run towards the finish line, you may want to read my tips on how to prepare for your first 21k: (more…)

TBR Dream 2016: Oh the Fun We Had at Bull Session 1!

Saturday, 3 October 2015  |  Running + Triathlon

DSC_0128– The previous batch of Dreamer, Batch 2015, surprised us all with a warm welcome (complete with banner!) and full pacer support for the new batch of Dreamers. So heartwarming! This is what TBR Dream is all about –

It was the first Bull Session for Batch 2016 of TBR Dream Marathon this morning.  This is always something I look forward to because we get to run with our Dreamers and chat with them along the way.  It’s a chance for me and the rest of the Dream Team and Pacers to know our runners and for them to meet each other as well.  Here are some photos taken by our Official Photographers, Photo-Ops, this morning.  Judging from the smiles on their faces during the run… and the happy chaos that ensued after, I would say it was a success!  (Warning: Tons of photos of  hyper and enthusiastic soon-to-be marathoners! lol) (more…)