Best Feelings in the World: Staycations and Long Runs

Sunday, 6 September 2015  |  Family

Selfie– with my babies in bed #bestfeelingsintheworld –

My training for Osaka Marathon has officially begun.  Yes, just two short months before the race.  Crossing my fingers that this Hal Higdon Senior Marathon Training Program works for me!

To treat myself to a mini kick off (hehe), I thought I’d take up the offer from my friends at Seda BGC for a staycation.  For this family from the South, an overnight stay in BGC is a God-send, especially for this running mommy who runs long in that area on weekends.

And so began my perfect weekend at Seda which, by the way, means “silk” as they aim to provide a seamless accommodation for their guests. (more…)

Body Pump: Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Class

Friday, 4 September 2015  |  Running + Triathlon


It’s been several months back when I tried my first Body Pump class at Fitness First. Before then, I would watch other members wait patiently for the previous class to end and, when the door to the studio would open, they would rush into the room, reserve their spot, and methodically prepare their bar, dumbells, weights, and mat on their space. It got me curious. So, one day, I decided to try it. (more…)

Win Race Kits to SyncRUNize, the Mobile App-Integrated Adventure at Arca South

Thursday, 3 September 2015  |  Race Announcements


It’s all systems go as ARCA South hosts SyncRUNize, a mobile app-integrated adventure race this September 19, 2015 with mental and physical challenges ready to test the wits and endurance of the runners.  How cool is this?!  If you’re interested in joining, scroll down below to try to win 1 of 10 race kits I’m giving away! (more…)

TBR Dream Marathon 2016: Final List of Participants

Friday, 28 August 2015  |  Race Announcements


Below is the official Masterlist of TBR Dream Marathon 42k Participants for 2016. Welcome to TBR Dream Marathon, girls and boys! We look forward to running with you! (more…)

Wake Up to Fitness

Tuesday, 25 August 2015  |  Running + Triathlon

IMG_3146– My bagong gising look at Fitness First lol –

I read an article on last week on the “12 Things Extremely Successful People Do Before Breakfast.”  It was interesting to note that, among work-related matters such as prioritizing a top business item or having a passion project and family matters such as spending time with family and bonding with the partner, No. 2 on the list was exercise.  Successful people, no matter how busy their lives are, exercise in the morning before it falls off their to-do list.

The writer elaborated that these successful people made the time to exercise because it reduced stress, helped manage the effects of a bad diet, and provided better sleep at night.  As I read this, I said: Yes, yes, and yes!

Now, I’m not even half as successful as these guys.  But, at least I can say I have one thing in common with them: I also workout first thing in the morning!  Here are more reasons why you should too (if you don’t yet):

1+ Gives you more focus later in the day.  Life isn’t about working out.  After a morning workout, you are more alert and you have more focus for the important stuff, such as school, work, or family.

2+ No room for excuses. If you plan to workout later in the day, there’s a greater chance that you’ll come up with an excuse such as traffic, a deadline, or even an officemate’s birthday party later that evening.  Don’t even give yourself a chance to flake on your gym instructor.  Just go out and do it upon waking.

3+ Speed up your metabolism throughout the day.  We all know that exercises boosts our metabolism.  By exercising in the morning, your metabolism starts working early in the day allowing you to burn more calories later.

4+ Helps you make better food choices.  When you exercise in the morning, you feel better about your body throughout the day and you become more conscious of how you care for it.  You tend to lean more towards healthy foods that provide fuel and nourishment for your body. On a lighter note, you also don’t want to waste all the calories you burned at the gym by downing a donut.

5+ You feel better about yourself.  Working out doesn’t only make you look better, it also makes you feel better.  Breaking a sweat in the gym or working out outdoors releases endorphins  that just make you feel good throughout the day.  Now, can you imagine how much better (or more successful!) this world would be if we all just woke up early to exercise?!